“Law is Perfect. Law is Binding. Law is Eternal….”

Overview -

The Balheists are know for their cruelty, their ingenuity, and the greatest crime the Kingdom has ever seen. Hundreds of measures, laws, and rules have been shackled to the family in order to keep it in check since the days of Balheist Sin, but the fact of the matter remains: The Balheist Family is feared not respected. It is because of this that each part of the Balheist family has adopted a penance, something to follow and hold on to in order to show the Kingdom that they in fact can change and mean to. For one group of Balheists, this creed, their way of life is Law. The greatest crime ever committed in the Eternal Kingdom was when Balheist Sin renounced his ties to the crown and sold his soul to a demon in order to raze the city that was his home. There is no disputing this claim, nor is there any way to hide from the truth. There is no great debate on Sin’s motives nor what he intended for the Kingdom. He made himself into a monster and a monster is and was what the Kingdom calls him. It is because of this that the Law Balheist family has taken it upon themselves to become the very essence of what Law is. The Balheists of this family are hard, meticulous, and without pity or remorse, they are the Law. It is due to this severe and almost obsessive need for Law that the Kingdom has made Arch-Bishop Omini Laus Balheist the highest authority in the matters of Law: Judicus Eternus. The Judge of Eternity.

The Arch-Bishop Omini Laus Balheist is one of the strongest persons the Kingdom has ever seen not only in his own personal strength as a Divine Priest of the Kingdom, but as a Judge, Executioner, and Father. His appointment to the Judicus Eternus in the past year was shocking news for the Kingdom as a Balheist has never held the position, but only proves the Arch-Bishops dedication to his family’s Penance and his dedication to the Kingdom. Such an appointment of course outraged the Rosenharts and this has created quite a bit of animosity between the families, or more so, as the Mountain King himself was expected to hold the position next after the death of his father. Due to this power granted to him though, Arch-Bishop Omini’s family has greatly benefited and it is growing at a rapid rate as the new Judge not only has many sons and daughters himself, but now the Arch-Bishop is also a grandfather as his family continues to grow resulting in the largest noble family the Kingdom has.

While many detractors had assumed the with his new position as the Judge of Eternity, that Arch-Bishop Omini would use his power to seek revenge for years of Balheist abuse, it is obvious to all around him that the Arch-Bishop has little interest in such petty family squabbling and in fact works closely with the Grand Inquisitor High Lord Darius Machin WrenWright in his endeavors to rid the city of all terrorists, rebels, and anti-kingdom protesters, seeing such fanatics as nothing short of heretics. While seeming a harsh and often violent man, it can be said that as far as the other families know, the Arch-Bishop has never broken a Law to serve his own needs and despite his many obligations he can often be found reading to his grandchildren and his youngest daughter, despite her immense demonic and spiritual possession.

The Law Balheist Family -

The Law family of the Balheists is currently riding the success of their patriarch, Arch Bishop Omini Balheist and are quickly becoming one of the most successful families in the Kingdom. Easily the largest Balheist family, the Law family is a family of a serious nature, taking the law of the Kingdom as gospel as if it was their own personal responsibility to maintain. Balheist Sin’s blood flows freely throughout the family as it shows many demonic characteristics that also seem genetic in this family, despite no such genetic similarities found in other Balheist families in terms of demonic attributes. Currently Omini Balheist is focused on his work as the Judge of Eternity, but often finds time for his family despite this, especially his youngest daughter, Sumarie Balheist, who’s demonic possession has been exponentially increased due to her spiritual possession.

Arch Bishop Omini Balheist – The current Judicus Eternus, the Judge of Eternity, and head of the Law Balheist family, Omini Balheist is a stern man and loving father.

Lady Cassandra von Balheist – Emissary from the Eastern Kingdom and wife of the Arch Bishop Omini Balheist. She has since sworn allegiance to the King and Queen and now spends her days doting over her grandchildren.

Bishop Orion Balheist – Eldest son of the Lord and Lady of the Law Balheist family. He follows in his father’s footsteps and is currently acting as a Arch-Bishop until a replacement is found for his father. Married to Nissa Ol Balheist with whom he has one son and one daughter.

Magus Geminus Balheist – Second oldest son of the Law Balheist family, he is currently under the tutelage of Lady Aanya Balheist as an aspiring mage. He also helps the city watch in many ways. Married to Cara Len Balheist with whom they have two young girls.

Lady Leyona Balheist – Third child of the Law Balheist family, she is currently acting as one of the Queen’s consorts. She has little time for a family as she is used as an adviser to the Queen and a go-between for her family and the Keepers.

Tornaw Draxx Balheist – Fourth child of the Law Balheist family, he is looking forward to proving himself to his family, the people of Kharnull’len, and the Queen in his upcoming Trials.

Dead Unnamed Child – While noble families are often blessed with good fortune, once a disheartening death takes place, robbing the world of a youth and a family their son.

Gemma Balheist – Dying only at the age of twenty years old, Gemma Balheist was a promising youth full of arcane gifts. She hasn’t passed on though. Her spirit still haunts her youngest sister.

Sumarie Balheist – The youngest of the Law Balheist family, she is already showing amazing arcane gifts, but her whole life has turned since the death of her older sister. Now haunted it has been years since she has even touched another human.


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