Children of the Sun

“We are the Keepers, dear friend. We are nothing more than the caretakers of this place…”

Overview -

While the rest of the Noble Houses can trace their lineages back to powerful and ancient ancestors, the Keepers can claim the mightiest lineage of all – The Royal Family. The Keepers are the adopted children of the King and Queen. Led by Dusk and Dawn, the Keepers were made to not only be the children the Royal Family has always wanted, but powerful enforcers of their rules. While the Rosenharts can be trusted with War, the Balheists with their Magicks, and the WrenWrights with their Technology, the Keepers are primarily used by the Royal Family as their eyes and ears in the city. Though they stand out in a crowd, it is known that little is said in the city without a Keeper knowing it. Though no where near as powerful as the King and Queen, let alone Dusk or Dawn, the Keepers are considerably strong. Though they could never best a Rosenhart in martial combat or a Balheist in a battle of the arcane, their ability to meld their strengths often make them perfect for taking on many challenges and usually having the ability to handle them.

Little else is known about the Keepers as they live rather solitary lives. Their exploits and deeds are often left unheard of in the Kingdom and are often seen by the citizens of Kharnull’len to be nothing more than a spy network for the royal family. It is known however that the Keepers are not direct descendants of the King and Queen. They are always referred to as being ‘adopted,’ by not only the other noble houses, but the King and Queen as well. While little is known about this ‘adoption,’ process, it can be said there are almost no Keeper children and most new family members are met as grown adults. While the Keepers refuse to speak of this, it is said that the Balheists may have learned the secrets of this process, holding onto the knowledge dearly and more than once using it against the Keepers. Whatever secrets the Balheists do hold against them, it can be said that the Balheists often look towards the Keepers with pity and regret.

Currently -

Currently, the Keepers are lead by the Princess Dawn, as Dusk is currently in a state of rest. They, like always, keep to themselves regarding most private matters, but it can be noted that there are fewer Keepers now than ever in the history of the Kingdom. While many believe it is just because they are not currently needed by the crown, others say something much worse is happening to the family. Looking past the anomaly though, the Keepers are not a large enough family group to create Sub-Families. In fact since there are very few actual bloodlines in the Keepers, they are considered to be one family, and one family alone. While they are fewer in numbers than ever other family, they are no less powerful, as they have the direct ear of Dawn and the Queen.

The Children of the Sun -

Though small in numbers, the Keepers are still a powerful force in regards to the political schemes of Kharnull’len. They have a multitude of powerful mages, fierce fights, and charismatic leaders, and if anything, they are more powerful now than when they had twice their numbers due to the stations that they hold. Lead by the twins, Sominus and Telebri, the Keepers keep to themselves and keep their power and knowledge hidden from everyone else. This has of course created a rather dark image for the Keepers as of late, but it can be said that they are moving towards the greater good as they tirelessly defend the Queen and Dawn, while doing their best to act as go-betweens for the other Noble Families. When asked they will always say the same thing: They are here to create links and diplomacy between the others houses; to create a better Kingdom, and to Keep peace.

Sominus – The silent leader of the Keepers and the oldest Child of the Sun. Old enough to remember the King, Sominus is an expert duelist who holds dominion of the Citadel and its grounds. Twin of Telebri.

Tenebri – The charismatic leader of the Keepers and the second oldest Child of the Sun. Old enough to remember the King. Telebri was once the Arch-Mage of Kharnull’len, but has since retired her position and title to the Balheists. Twin of Sominus.

Eliza – The eldest Keeper after the twins, Eliza is a formidable mage that has entrenched herself in the world of academia, instead of the arcane. Her specialties include, mathematics, science, and history.

Hektor – A Keeper that has taken his role of a protector of the Queen rather seriously. He is the Lion’s first lieutenant, and the second in command of the Lions’ Guard. A fierce swordsman.

August – A Keeper of strange desires. August focuses mainly on maintaining the grounds of the Citadel. A known Druid, he loves nature and all of its creations.

Roman – A quiet Keeper that enjoys spending time in the Royal Library. Little is known about him, besides his love of books. Has become the Royal Librarian due to his knowledge, and rarely leaves the library because of it.

Lelion – Named for the Mountain King, Lelion is nothing like her namesake. Calm and quiet, little is known about Lelion besides the fact she seems to be a contact for the Broken Line of Rosenharts.

Sana – A Keeper that has focused her life in the well being of the Kingdom. A great healer and gentle soul, Sana focuses mainly on helping the High Lord Darius Nero Machin WrenWright within his clinics and hospitals.

Player Character Available – Keeper One

Player Character Available – Keeper Two

Venen – Supposedly named as a jest to Sana, Venen is a younger Keeper known for her love of all things alive. She generally can be found in the stables and farms tending to the animals.

Octus – The youngest Keeper, Octus is a mere child, but already he shows the greatness of a Keeper. Magic seems to follow him wherever he goes.

Children of the Sun

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