Sumarie Balheist

Possessed Daughter of the Law Balheists


Seventh and final child of the Law Balheist line, third daughter of the Arch Bishop, Lord Omini Balheist and Lady Cassandra Von Balheist, Sumarie Balheist is a lonely and lost child, her innocence ripped from her when her dead older sister, Gemma Balheist possessed her. Though Sumarie looks like her mother, tanned skin, dark hair, and blue eyes, the young girl looks ragged and weak at all times. Her hair has nearly grown to her feet, shielding her face from the world as she wears rags, no one able to touch her in order to clean her, cut her hair, or fit her for a new dress. While showing no current signs of demonic possession, Sumarie is not expected to show any signs until puberty, if she lives long enough to make it to her teenage years. What makes the girl stand out besides looking like a forsaken doll, is the spirit of her older sister constantly following her around. Gemma Balheist’s spirit, has wrapped her arms ‘lovingly,’ around Sumarie’s neck, gently resting her head against hers. Gemma’s lower half cannot be seen, as the dark shadow that is her form dissipates before then. While unthreatened and calm, Gemma keeps her eyes closed, but when roused (Whenever Sumarie comes close to another living being) her dark red eyes open as shadows of terrors begin to grow from her back. Because of Gemma’s hate and terror filled possession, the Law Balheists work tirelessly to free Sumarie of her grasp, but so far no exorcism has worked as more… Eclectic minds have begun to work on the subject.


Sumarie Balheist was born into the Law Family as the last child of the Arch Bishop, Lord Omini Balheist and his beloved wife Lady Cassandra Von Balheist. The decision to stop having children was not one the Law Family decided for itself though. Sumarie was not planned to be the last in their ever growing family tree. No. It was a decision made for the Law Family, as Sumarie’s fate hangs in the balance. Born on a beautiful day, Sumarie Balheist was the cherished daughter of the growing Law Family. After recently being appointed as the Judicus Eternus, Lord Omini Balheist saw his daughter’s birth as a continued blessing on his family, his wife happy to have another daughter. Sumarie grew up as a normal Balheist daughter would from there. Her older brothers and sisters watched over her carefully, treating her like the little doll she looked like. Sumarie was gifted, as much of her family was, as she seemed to take to magic and the divine as well as any other member of her family. She was held in high regard and many parties were interested to see what the young girl would become, but in a dark moment the girl lost her older sister, and lost much of her motivation. Gemma Balheist, the Law Family’s second youngest daughter, died of a mysterious illness, robbing the family of another child. Sumarie took the loss of her sister particularly hard and was depressed for months on end… Until her sister came back. In the months to follow her death, servants in the Law mansion often spoke of seeing strange things in the halls of the mansion, especially around Gemma’s room. They saw flickers of eyes, a far off cry for help, and felt the frigid cold of a lost soul wherever they went. It was considered for a time to bring in a Rosenhart Priest to exorcise the spirit, but before they had the chance. Gemma revealed herself to her family, a spirit brought back the grave… She was not a kind spirit though. Filled with fits of violent rage, Gemma fed off of her family’s misery, especially her younger sister’s Sumarie who had loved her dearly and before the clerics and priest of the Kingdom had a chance to banish her spirit, she latched onto Sumarie, possessing her nearly entirely.

It was speculated that Sumarie’s depression and love for her older sister made her the best target for possession, as she practically welcomed her sister to her side. Since then though, Gemma has fed off of Sumarie’s life energy, causing the girl to become weak and frail. On top of that, Gemma refuses to let anyone else come near her sister. In acts of rage and violence, Gemma will lash out at anyone who comes near them both, killing dozens of servants, guards, and priests. Because of this Sumarie looks ragged as she roams the halls of the Balheist Mansions, alone and afraid. Her dark hair has grown long, covering her once beautiful eyes and smile as she almost seems to be a spirit herself. Hundreds of priests have worked relentlessly to free the girl of her sister’s spirit, but none have succeeded yet. Because of this, specialists from all around the Kingdom have been brought in, but it appears Sumarie has other ideas, and plans to free herself with the help of Jericho Balheist, the Mad Seer of the Repentance and Charity Family. She spends much of her time in the Truth Library, wandering its halls with Jericho, hoping he might be the one to save her.

Sumarie Balheist

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