Nissa Ol Balheist

Wife of Bishop Orion Balheist, Mother of the Orion Children.


Priestess of the Church of Eternal Darkness, Nissa Ol Balheist is a descendant of the ancient Mage Clans of Kharnull’len’s past. She has married the Bishop Orion Balheist and has had two children with him. Though he is terrifying in appearance, it is rumored that Orion’s demonic heritage is exactly why Nissa Ol pursued him, that and his eternal devotion to the Church. Nissa Ol Balheist is a thin and almost frail looking woman. She has very pale skin, and raven hair she keeps tidy. She is most often found wearing her priestess’ robes instead of the expensive dresses of Noble Families, and attends to the Church daily, bringing both of her children with her as she tries to drive home the importance of Faith and the Law.


Nissa Ol grew up in the Church of Eternal Darkness as an orphan. There she leaned to love the Queen and the serenity she brought to the World. She opted to become a Priestess instead of leaving the Church when she came of age, which she claims was the wisest decision of her life. Shortly after becoming a full fledged Priestess, Nissa Ol met Orion Balheist and fell madly in love with him. Shortly after tracking Nissa’s heritage to that of the Mage Clans, Orion married her and they have since had two children.

Nissa Ol Balheist

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