Magus Geminus Balheist

Second Son of Law, Magus of the Tower


Magus Geminus Balheist is the second son of the Law Balheist line, son of the Arch Bishop, Lord Omini Balheist and Lady Cassandra Von Balheist. He is tall like his father, but the similarities with him end there. Taking after his mother, he is lean and light, a small comparison to his older brother, Bishop Orion Balheist. With little demonic attributes tainting his visage, he has the striking appearance of his mother’s Eastern Kingdom’s legacy. With dark skin and even darker eyes, he almost appears to be a foreigner if it was not for the very few small demonic traits he did have to give him away as a Balheist. Rows of small sharp teeth fill his mouth, while his eyes constantly bleed a black tears, making him rather terrible to behold. Drifting away from the conventional path of priesthood for Law Balheists, Magus Geminus much prefers the arcane gifts he shares with his mother. So great are his abilities that he studies directly under the High Lady Aanya Balheist as her first apprentice. Now a go between the Truth and Law families, Magus Geminus has a tendency to mix the two families’ Penances believing the Truth of the World can be found in absolute Law, an idea he brings with him into his studies as he tries to learn the hidden truths and laws of the arcane world.


To be the second son of one of the most powerful and influential men in the Kingdom, Geminus Balheist had a lot riding on his perfection. His older brother, Orion Balheist, was already proving himself as a powerful cleric and a staunch proponent of Law by the time Geminus was born into the world. His father, Arch Bishop Omini Balheist, had many plans for his next son, looking to him for another ruthless priest and follower of Law, but his mother, Lady Cassandra Von Balheist, had won the battle for their son’s future by the time he was walking and talking. With little talent in the divine arts, Geminus followed after his mother into the arcane arts. Able to bend elements to his will at a young age, Geminus also possessed a fraction of his mother’s psychic abilities; being able to feel out other’s emotions if not their thoughts. Because of this, Geminus had little love for the Church and its teachings, electing instead to follow a different path. Much to his father’s and old brother’s chagrin, Geminus entered himself into the tutelage of the Truth Balheist House, wanting to learn from two of the greatest mages of his time: the High Lady Aanya Balheist and her sister Lady Alassiel Balheist-Rosenhart.

Following the path laid out before him by his aunts, Geminus learned quickly beneath their tutelage, developing himself into a rather impressive mage. He was soon brought up from his role as an apprentice and was deemed a Magus, a powerful enough sorcerer to teach others in the famed Tower of the Citadel. Magus Geminus did not end his learning there though. Once he was old enough and wise enough, he began to understand his family’s Penance, taking it upon himself to learn the laws of the arcane world, wanting to harness their might for the good of the Kingdom and his family. Since beginning on this arduous task he has married one of his students: Cara Len, and with her he has had two children, whom he never seems to have enough time to spend with as the Knight Lord Rosenhart family has brought Geminus in as a adviser for the current unrest within Kharnull’len, as the rebels, heretics, and blasphemers are seemingly becoming more and more adept with magic.

Magus Geminus Balheist

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