Lady Leyona Balheist

First Daughter of Law, Consort to the Queen


Lady Leyona Balheist is the first daughter and third child of Law Balheist line, daughter of the Arch Bishop, Lord Omini Balheist and Lady Cassandra Von Balheist. She is the very picture of her mother in her youth. She is tall, elegant, and extraordinarily poised for someone of her young age. With dark hair, dark skin, and bright eyes, she looks nothing like the stereotypical Balheist, instead looking like a foreigner from the Eastern Kingdoms. In fact, the Balheist side of her seems so weak that there are little, if any, signs of demonic corruption in her. Because of this, Lady Leyona has every benefit of being a Balheist without appearing to be one. This gives her quite a strange ability for any Balheist: Not standing out. Because of this, Lady Leyona has taken on a very diplomatic role with the entirety of the Balheist family. While actively acting as a Consort to the Queen, Lady Leyona spends most of her time in this diplomatic role. She works closely with the Keepers, the Truth Family, as well as several of the WrenWright houses. While all know who she is, and what corruption she is potentially hiding within, Lady Leyona is still treated with more respect due to her lack of demonic traits. It is rumored, that because of her lack of demonic powers, that Lady Leyona has not been graced with the supernatural skills most Balheists have. Lady Leyona does not appear to excel in magic, swordsmanship, or divine abilities. The only place where she seems to shine is her role as a diplomat. Blessed with a silver tongue, it appears she is the perfect face for the Balheist family as they continue to strive to make amends for Balheist Sin.


When the small bells chimed for a birth of a Balheist, there is little celebration in the streets of Kharna. While the child is never born into the world as a monster, Balheists always show their true colors and become the demons they were born to be in time. When Leyona Balheist was born, she was treated no differently than any other Balheist child. Her parents were avoided in the streets and she was already treated with scorn. As she grew up, it was expected her demonic powers would soon manifest despite how little she looked like a Balheist already. Dark hair and dark skin meant little as the populace wondered if she would grow horns like her father, or weep blood like her brother. As time passed though, Leyona didn’t change. She didn’t grow horns or fangs, and never grew wings either. She became a normal little girl in a house full of monsters. After years of waiting, Leyona never did show any signs of corruption in her. She grew up to look like her mother, beautiful and elegant, but with little else to show. It appeared without the benefit of fully demonic blood, the normal Balheists powers were lost on her. While this dismayed her father, the Arch Bishop, Lord Omini Balheist, Lady Cassandra knew exactly what to do with her perfect little girl.

Instead of answering to Arch Mages for tutors and Duelists for instructors, Leyona Balheist was brought forth to the Diplomats, Merchants, and Artisans of Kharnull’len. From them she learned diplomacy, bargaining, and art, combining all of her knowledge to create the perfect face for the Law Balheist family. She strove to prove herself in all things that benefited to Kingdom that didn’t require magic or martial skills. Soon she was a consort to Dawn, helping her wade through the bog that is the politics of a world ruled by fallen Gods. After proving herself to Dawn, the Queen herself brought Leyona up, giving her the title of Lady and making Leyona a consort of her own. Since then, Leyona acts as the Queen’s Consort, but often makes time for her own family as they continue to try to prove their worth to the Kingdom. She gives speeches, attends balls, and works with the needy to prove that the Balheists are in fact, not monsters. Since then the Law family has gained even more esteem as the young Lady takes their Penance to heart, believing that the Law she holds within her can help bring the Kingdom Peace and Justice.

Lady Leyona Balheist

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