Lady Cassandra von Balheist

The Lady of Law


The wife of the current Judicus Eternus, Arch Bishop Omini Balheist, Lady Cassandra Von Balheist is the matron of the Law line of Balheists. Hailing from the Easter Kingdoms, islands deep within the Torrent Seas, Lady Cassandra is a rather stark contrast from any other Balheist. Without an ounce of demonic blood flowing through her veins, she has none of the demonic attributes all Balheists are cursed by, but on top of that, she has dark olive skin, bright green eyes, and dark brown hair, making her stand out all the more compared to the pale skinned Balheists. Once a powerful psychic and mage, Lady Cassandra rarely shows off her gifts and talents now as she rather spend time doting over her new grandchildren. Most believe that the once dangerous and wild Lady Cassandra has been tamed because of her now calm demeanor, but she always carries a dangerous smile, while often reminding people what they are thinking before they are.


Lady Cassandra Von Balheist was once a foreigner to the Eternal Kingdom. Sent over as a diplomat’s ears and eyes, Cassandra Von Inamys worked her psychic abilities, magical powers, and natural charm to worm her way deep into the the kingdom’s highest orders. At first this led to great successes for the envoys of the Eastern Kingdoms, having the entire Kingdom’s knowledge at their fingertips. They were able to open new trade routes, ease taxation on their goods, and even start talks of an alliance with the Eternal Kingdom. This ‘luck,’ of theirs could not last forever though, as eventually word of Cassandra’s powers began to spread. The Noble Houses of Kharnull’len were outraged as well as the many merchants that had been swindled by their loose tongues and minds. Arrested for her crimes, Cassandra thought she would be given a trial by the lower courts, but to her surprise, her and the envoys she accompanied were forced before the Arch Bishop, Omini Balheist in his High Courts. Usually reserved for trials of treason, heresy, or blasphemy, coming before the Balheist Judge was usually a death sentence. Unsurprisingly the diplomats Cassandra accompanied were put to death for their crimes, but when it came time for Cassandra’s trial she was found innocent of most her crimes. The ruling was a shock, but Omini Balheist stood by his ruling. While her psychic abilities were dangerous, most of her information had been gathered from drunk incompetents and while this was a problem, Lord Omini had much more desire to bring those merchants to trial instead of Cassandra.

After serving her prison sentence, Cassandra found herself scorned by not only Kharnull’len, but the Eastern Kingdoms as well. Her crimes had put a damper on all trade and talks between Kharnull’len and the Eastern Kingdoms and most put the blame on her shoulders. Very few know what happened between the time after Cassandra’s crimes, but before she married Omini. Some say Omini sought her out to bear witness as part of his Courtroom. Some say Cassandra had fallen madly in love with the Judge from the moment she laid eyes on each other. What is known though was Cassandra was soon a standard within the courtroom of the Balheist Judge, watching over every witness, lawyer, and defendant, whispering their secrets to Omini and soon after they were whispering to each other their vows. Since then the now Lady Cassandra Von Balheist is a rather odd sight in the Noble Houses. Most Nobles tend to avoid her, remembering old scorn for her traitorous ways, while others refuse to be in the same room as her due to her psychic powers. In either case, the now matron of the Law house simply smiles a wicked smile, and asks if they have seen her grandchildren yet.

Lady Cassandra von Balheist

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