Lady Alassiel Balheist Rosenhart

Mysterious Lady of the Truth and Knight Lord families.


The eldest member of the Truth Balheist family and the Matriarch of the Knight Lord Rosenhart line, Lady Alassiel Balheist-Rosenhart is best known for the fact that she was the first Balheist ever, in the history of the Kingdom, to marry a Rosenhart Lord. Some say she somehow seduced Lord Kendall Alexander Rosenhart, some say she cast a powerful spell on him to win him over, she still claims to this day that she won his heart because they were meant to be, Rosenhart and Balheist rivalry aside. Because of the magnitude of their marriage and their children, the citizens of Kharnull’len often forget that Lady Alassiel is one of the foremost minds in the Kingdom when it comes to the Old Magicks that Balheist Sin himself studied. Those that do know of this terrible power hold Lady Alassiel in a high regard, and between her and her sister Lady Aanya, they are able to control every single house of the Balheists through shear force.

Unlike her sister, Lady Alassiel has very few demonic possessions, mostly focused on her arms. Because of this, her dark beauty is bare for all to see. Pale of skin with raven hair, Lady Alassiel looks of a true Balheist lady, dark and mysterious, but with a powerful beauty.


Lady Alassiel’s childhood, like the rest of her immediate family, is somewhat of a mystery. It was as if the Truth family crept into power overnight with two powerful mages at the forefront, their younger brother not even a thought in the beginning. It is because of this anonymity that Lady Alassiel was able to gain the eye of the Rosenhart Lord, Sir Kendall Alexander Rosenhart. While no sane Rosenhart would dare try to court a Balheist Lady, Sir Kendall knew so very little about the mysterious beauty that seemingly appeared before him, and before he knew it, he was madly in love with her… That was when Lady Alassiel finally revealed herself to her knight… Not as some fair maiden, but one of the sorceresses of the Balhest family. Once revealed, Sir Kendall was shocked and became worried as the Truth family seized control of all the other Balheist families, restructuring the leaders and the new family heads. Once control of the new Balheist families was obtained, Lady Alassiel returned to Sir Kendall, now fully aware of who she was and the power she had, but instead of scorning her, he proposed to her right then and there. She gladly accepted.

Soon after their marriage, the other Rosenhart families learned of Lady Alassiel’s true origins and demanded a divorce immediately, but the Knight Lord was just beginning and would not be torn apart by either of Lord Kendall’s brothers. Soon after their marriage in fact, Lady Alassiel announced her pregnancy. The first joining of the Rosenhart and Balheist families. Despite the protests and outcries, Lady Alassiel gave birth to her first son with hope in her heart. Since then she has had one more son, and seems to want a girl as well, welcoming the idea of more children and continuing to be a mother instead of joining her sister in more scholarly works, but her knowledge of Old Magicks is a well known secret, and it is clear to anyone though she is tamed, Lady Alassiel is still very dangerous.

Lady Alassiel Balheist Rosenhart

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