The Scholar of the Moon and Stars


The Keeper Eliza is the oldest currently living Keeper outside of the Elder Twins, Sominus and Tenebri, and their heir apparent if matters were to ever come to that. Standing at a modest height and weight, Eliza is, at first glance, an unimpressive example of a Keeper, but upon closer inspection her true visage comes into view. Though Eliza’s skin is pale, glittering silver veins run across her body in striking, swirling patterns that seem to cover every inch of her form. Glittering brightly in the daylight and almost hauntingly in the moonlight, Eliza strikes her own sort of beauty about the world, despite the fact she has shunned most common social gatherings and occurrences. Instead the Keeper prefers her studies and her solitude, forsaking the outside world for the libraries and knowledge held within the citadel. Once a mage of some considerable power, Eliza has turned from that path and instead has set herself on determining the laws of nature and the cosmos through the studies of math and logic. Though this means that the Keepers have lost a considerable ally and power, Tenebri pushes for her ‘sister’ to continue her studies as they continue to consumer her day and night.


To be the eldest Keeper after the Elder Twins, the Keeper Eliza had lofty expectations brought onto her as she made her way into the world. Eliza’s very life seemed to be laid out for her at the very beginning of her life. Though many older and wiser Keepers have come and gone before her, she was the first to be expected to guide and lead the Keepers after the inevitable deaths of the Elder Twins, something she and the Kingdom had to be prepared for. She was taught diplomacy with the Mountain King, martial skills with the VIlaratus WrenWrights, and magicks with the Arch-Mage herself. She was learned, deadly, and above all things wise. Eliza seemed to be the most perfect heir that the Elder Twins could ask for, but as her studies continued, instead of reaching out more and more into the world, she began to shrink from it. Eliza began to avoid social gatherings, avoid other people even, often only meeting with the Elder Twins, shunning the outside world and her destiny.

Refusing to explain why.

After years of burying herself away from the Kingdom and her own ‘family’ Eliza reemerged into the world as a changed woman. Despite her obvious Keeper heritage, she had seemingly given up on her birthright and expectations. She shunned her abilities, powers, and lofty destiny and instead pursued other goals with her thoughts and pens. During her seemingly defiant bouts, Eliza had moved herself into the Grand Archives, focusing on the studies of the natural world through science and thought pushing past what even the WrenWrights claimed to know and understand. It was in this focused study that Eliza had found herself again, though the Keeper looks far from healthy and well still. Eliza, now having a frail and delicate nature, still hides away in her books, though now welcoming visitors, willing to speak wise words to those who will listen, though many have begun to question the woman’s resolve and studies now as they continue to spiral into the divine.


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