The Eternal Kingdom

Where the Gods Meet -

The Eternal Kingdom -

Founded by the Elemental Lord of Fire and the Elemental Lady of Darkness, the City-State of Kharnull’len has thrived for thousands of years. Founded as a place of worship of the Lord of Fire, Kharnull’len was growing slowly but surely for a few hundred years, but boomed in population and size when the Lady of Darkness and her wandering Mages immigrated. Since then, Kharnull’len has become one of the predominant powers of the world, but not without garnering its fair share of dangers as well. The other Elemental Lords do not trust the King and Queen of Kharnull’len as they have broken many of their godly laws. Wars have been fought with devastating results, but Kharnull’len still stands, unbroken and defiant as tensions continue to rise and ebb in the everlasting conflict between the Gods.

Kharnull’len -

A massive city-state founded in the dark times of humanity, Kharnull’len has become a beacon for the strong and brave of the world. Ruled by the Elemental Lord of Fire and his wife, the Elemental Lady of Darkness, Kharnull’len benefits from their knowledge, wisdom, and combined strength to keep its borders and populace safe. Built upon the ruined grounds of an ancient covenant, Kharnull’len has grown from a hamlet on the river, to a bustling city that stretches from coast to coast of their peninsula, using both the many rivers and ocean for their trade. At the center city stands the massive fortress-castle Kharnull’Arx, the home of the King and Queen and their ‘Children.’ From there, the city branches out into wide arcs of streets, some carefully laid out and organized, but the further from Kharnull’Arx, the city becomes disorganized and a hodge-podge of streets and buildings. Surrounded by massive walls on all sides, Kharnull’len is protected by not only the Imperial Army, but the Noble Houses as well. Born of the blood and magic of Gods, the Noble Houses are sworn to serve the King and Queen in all of their endeavors.

History -

The King and his Queen -

Born from the bosom of the Goddess Luxes, the Elemental Lord of Fire and Elemental Lady of Darkness descended upon the world in the darkest moments of its brief history. The world was consumed by darkness. Humanity was corrupted at its basest levels and they lashed out against the Gods. Humanity fought bitterly with cruel and ancient magicks, tying the Gods to their existence, trapping them upon the world as they were cursed to never seen paradise again.

The Elemental Lord of Fire sought revenge for these actions. He razed cities and countries alike in his flame, burning all before him When his anger finally cooled, he found himself alone and without the love of Luxes to guide him. It was in these moments that he found himself worshiped by a new breed of Humanity, those that saw the honor in his actions and sought to aid him along his way. It was in that moment that he became a King.

The Elemental Lady of Darkness found a different path than revenge and destruction. No, she sought to undo the hate and evils the world had been subjected to. She healed the earth, basking it in her soft, dark warmth. It was because of this gentle embrace, she gained her own followers, those that wished to make peace with the world. The Lady wandered the lands with her people, nomads who sought peace. When she first found the Lord of Fire again, she thought his rage would have been his downfall, but what she saw was his will to do better. To be better. To rise from the ashes and do what they could to make this place a paradise.

The two were wed and the city of Kharnull’len was truly founded.

The Age of Dusks and Dawns -

For years the King and Queen of Kharnull’len lived in peace, building their realm according to their divine plans. They obeyed the Laws of the Gods, divine proclamations and agreements that the fallen Elemental Lords had agreed upon. They were an inspiration in the world, but then they broke one of the divine laws. Bearing a child of fire and darkness, the King and Queen broke a sacred trust and brought the wrath of the entire world upon them.

All out war was waged upon the kingdoms of the world with Kharnull’len at its epicenter. The city was besieged on all sides, the invading armies looking to destroy the abomination that was the Prince. Kharnull’len was primed to fall, unable to hold back the wrath of the rest of the world. In that moment the mysterious Prince sacrificed his immortality to destroy the invaders, ending the war, but sacrificing the very birth rite the defenders of Kharnull’len were looking to protect.

In order to save the Prince and his immortality, the King and Queen struck a deal with the nomad mages, and agreed to sleep for hundreds of years at a time to stay immortal, giving up their true immortality for a false one, their son saved.

The Prince was distraught by his parents sacrifice, unable to understand why they would give up so much for him. He fell into a depression, but upon meeting his Princess, his world changed. Bringing her into their family, the Princess became a false immortal as well and the Royal Family was whole.

Civil War -

While the Kingdom thrived as a whole, certain sects and castes benefited greatly from their standing with the King. Due to the fact that it was dark magicks that had brought down the Elemental Lords in the first place, the King had a great distrust of magick of all kinds. Believing in the strength of one’s own soul and arm, the King distrusted the nomad mages that traveled with the Queen and during his long waking rule, the King made this apparent. The Mage Clans were forced into ghettos and treated as second class citizens. While there was some pity for the abused mages in the city, the average citizen could only agree with their King.

When the Queen awoke, it was expected for her to change the standings of the Mage Clans to their proper place, but there was resistance from the ruling houses of Kharnull’len. This resistance slowed the process and potentially made lives worse for the Clans. This abuse came to a tipping point where magick was outlawed for all but the royal houses. The Mage Clans revolted under the banner of the current Balheist, or Arch Mage, of the Mage Clans. This Balheist came to be known as the Balheist of Sin, selling his and his people’s souls to demons for power. Civil War broke out overnight and the Imperial Army was overwhelmed, but between the Rosenhart family striking their own deal with a powerful being and the betrayal of the WrenWright Mage Clan, the Imperial Forces were able to hold the Balheist of Sin and his forces at bay long enough for the King to rise again and strike them down.

During the final hours of the civil war, the Balheist of Sin was stripped of his powers by his once friend; Jericho WrenWright. The two were found near death, with the Balheist of Sin being put to death and Jericho too far gone to be saved. With the head destroyed, the body of the rebel army collapsed. The war was over. Instead of being put to death immediately for their crimes though, the Queen begged for the lives of her people, wanting another chance to raise them right. The ruined Clans were allowed to have children and then put to death for their crimes. The children would go on to be the First Noble House of Mages, more aptly named the Balheist Family in a dark remembrance of their past sins. The WrenWright Family was risen to the Second Noble House of Mages, named for their prestigious leader.

Thus began the current era for Kharnull’len.

Modern Day -

Currently in Kharnull’len the Queen rules while the King slumbers, ushering in an era of peace and appreciation for magicks. Fortunes have begun to shift in favor of the Queen’s Children; The Balheists and WrenWrights, while the Rosenharts’ martial prowess is set aside for the next era of the King. Tensions remain high between the Noble Houses, each vying for the affection of the Queen and for the power her favor holds. The old grudges between the Houses are not forgotten, but beneath the Queen’s rule the Houses attempt a level of cooperation never seen before. That is not to say that the Kingdom isn’t facing problems, far from it.

A heretical band of rebels have started recruiting and killing in the slums of Kharnull’len. The Imperial Inquisition is actively looking into these attacks and what the rebels are anarchists have planned as their missions become more and more bold by the day, sowing unrest throughout the capital. While control of the city remains, the Inquisition has begun reaching out to the Noble Houses for help and help they shall receive. Offering up members of their own house to help in the investigations, the Noble Houses place a heavy weight on their unproven children, knowing favor could be gained or lost at any turn.

The Eternal Kingdom

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