The Balheists

The House of Sin and Magic

Overview -

The Balheists, once the greatest organization of power against the kingdom, have been tamed. Skilled sorcerers and assassins, the kingdom only uses the Balheists in the most dire of circumstances, fearing not only what they once were, but what they could become again. Much like their most hated enemies, the Rosenharts, the Balheists call the Queen their own. Supposedly spawned from the Queen’s blood, the Balheists take after her to a fault, some even resembling their beloved Queen. Lovers of elegance and power, the Balheist house has become a den of greed and pride, but none dare to forget their past, their heresy, and their fall.

Sub-Families -

Characteristics -

Personality -

The Balheists have become the tamed evil of Kharnull’len. Understanding her children would forever be scarred by their soul-selling deal with Stricken from the Record the Queen did her best to raise the new Balheists to understand and embrace their curse. Because of their gruesome appearances and cursed family ties though, the Balheists were ostracized from the public at large making them rather dark and bleak individuals, hating the world as much as they were hated by it. Through the Queen’s constant support though, the Balheists have softened somewhat and have done their best to “improve their public image.” And because of the Queen’s support, love, and allowing them to live, the Balheists have grown to love their “mother,” holding her in the highest regard as they simply ignore the King as he, them.

Physical Description -

Balheists are an odd family to describe as a whole. With no average height, size, or average life expectancy, due to their demonic blood, each and every Balheist seems only loosely similar to one another. Some key and defining characteristics of the house that have been noted though are: Often dark-haired, and pale-skinned, while both men and women are capable of reaching extraordinary heights, while some Balheists have been noted as never growing past the height of a child. What makes the Balheists even stranger as a house is the tracing of their demonic traits. Though generally certain traits pass through families, many new traits surface with each and every new generation, even though the demon blood has been sufficiently diluted.

Relations -

Shunned from civilized society, the Balheists have generally very few relations with either the citizens of Kharnull’len, or the other noble houses. Hated by both the Rosenharts and WrenWrights, only the Keepers keep an open mind towards the Balheists resulting in some mutual respect between the two houses. The severe animosity presented to them by the Rosenharts though has resulted in their own sarcastic hate of the proud house, deeming them “noisy children,” instead of an actual threat.

Alignment -

Though the Balheist house is often viewed as Evil by outsiders, mostly the Rosenharts and WrenWrights, they have calmed their evil natures for the Queen’s sake. Often chaotic or uncaring in nature the Balheists adapt to the situation at hand rather than deciding on a definitive view on life.

Classes -

Expert summoners, mages, and necromancers, the Balheist family tends to stay within the realm of magicks, preferring the spell over the sword. That is not to say though that Balheists completely shun physical classes. Skilled assassins, and dexterous swordsmen Balheists are able to hold their own against even the most skilled of warriors.

History -

In the beginnings of Kharnull’len, the King would not warrant the idea of a noble house of magic being formed. Mages of the past were corrupt and disloyal, so, in order to keep the sorcerers of the city weak, he kept them apart. Instead of a single unified house being formed, separate and weak clans were formed instead. Because of their lack of organization and leadership, the Mage Clans remained weak and scattered, and for a thousand years, this unwritten law held true, until a single man not only brought the mage clans of the city together, but threatened the very kingdom itself.

Balheist Sin was a gifted and intelligent mage, eager to learn magic in all its forms. A prodigy in some eyes. Charismatic and a natural leader, Sin quickly rose as a mage, earning the title of Arch Mage in only a matter of years after his tutelage, but Sin could not watch his people suffer he prospered. As his powers grew, Sin realized how weak the Mage Clans truly were. The other noble houses lived comfortable lives, while the mages begged and starved barely able to survive. So in an attempt to help his people Sin began to study magic in all its forms. If he could become powerful enough to gain recognition from the King, he could prove his people had a place in this world, and they deserved to take it. Sin was constantly found pouring over the many texts found in the city, eager to obtain and use the knowledge they had to offer, eager to gain their power.

It is unknown when Sin found the now forbidden tomes; whether he found the books himself, or if they were given to him as a gift… a curse.

Sin left his books and his curiosity behind him in a single night. As the King slumbered, and the Queen reigned, Sin was able to move almost freely throughout the city, readying his plot. The Queen was unable to believe that any of her children would possibly move against her, but the shadow of a threat quickly darkened. Gathering the once separate mage clans into a mighty host, Sin promised them a new power, a power that would free them of the prejudice of the King, a power that would overthrow those who looked down upon them, a power that could make him a god.

Many resisted the idea of the pact, calling it heresy and sin, but those who were against Sin’s ideals were either convinced, or killed, and once only the loyal clans remained, true darkness reigned. Sin led the mage clans in a single summoning, preparing an ancient ritual found in his dark books, but not even Sin himself could know what they were about to bring into the world. A great demon known only as Stricken from the Records appeared before the mage clans, promising them power and might if only for their eternal souls. At first the mages were hesitant, almost nervous before the great being, but one voice was heard above all others, only one voice was needed… Sin had offered himself up as the first host.

War started overnight. Great demons and monsters that were once men ran rampant through the streets, and the once shattered mage clans were now united under a single demonic banner led by the most terrible of all the possessed: Sin. Battles raged through the streets of Kharnull’len, as the Rosenharts and Keepers did their best to defend against the savage, demonic onslaught, but as the war and the years dragged on it was only a matter of time before the possessed Sin ruled the city.

Sin had planned his victory carefully. Planning to take control of the city and the Queen before the Kings awakening, Sin would use both as a bartering chip to control the King and ultimately lead him to his death, but as the war grew more and more terrible the Rosenharts unleashed a new weapon, new beings across the battlefield, slowing the demonic hosts efforts. Well within Sin’s schedule though, the Rosenharts could only delay the inevitable, but the WrenWrights could halt his campaign entirely.

Though the many mage clans had pledged their allegiances to Sin, not all were entirely convinced of their victory. One such clan was the WrenWrights. Led by the ingenious Jericho WrenWright, the WrenWrights broke their treaty with Sin and joined the Queen’s army, not only providing the Queen with much needed support, but providing the Queen a demonic force of her own. This new legion, had the means and knowledge to not only hold off the demonic host, but to begin to bring courage back to the loyalist ranks, helping them hold their positions until the great bell rang.

The King had awakened, and all of his fury was awakened with him.

When the Rosenharts, Keepers, and the WrenWrights were joined by their King, Sin’s fall became the only inevitability. Thousands of demons fell under the King’s will, his counter-attack blanketing Kharnull’len in his flames as the fiery lord fought endlessly to reclaim his city, and reclaim it he did. Gathering his forces for one last battle, the King readied them to bring Sin to justice after six months of war.

The King himself spear-headed the assault.

Though the King desired it greatly he was not the one who would fight the last battle with Balheist Sin, but another man, a man ready to reclaim the Mage Clans, a man ready to reclaim his honor, a man ready to redeem his people: Jericho WrenWright. Leading a final charge deep into Sin’s ranks, Jericho WrenWright fought his way to his one time lord and challenged him to a duel. None were ready for what they were capable of.

None now live who remember what happened, but the scars of their battle still remain. Lord versus Servant, Master versus Apprentice, Balheist versus WrenWright. The two greatest mages of their time clashed above Kharnull’len, their hate and cunning driving them to end one another. Their battle was brief, but the damage was catastrophic. Neither worried for their own people as both armies were nearly wiped out by their rage, as spells and magicks began to rip apart the city, and when the battle finally ended two men lay still.

Though victorious in his duel, Balheist Sin lay atop his tower, somehow stripped of his powers. And as he waited for his generals to find him, only one figure came, his body wreathed in wrathful flames.

Balheist Sin was drowned, decapitated, torn apart, then burned by the King’s own flames, finally ending the demonic insurrection. The remaining members of the mage clans were ready to be executed as well, but the Queen could not bear to see the last of her children slaughtered. Begging the King for days, the Queen promised she herself would take on the responsibility of controlling the remaining clans, promising that they could be tamed and be made useful to him. The King, though lost in his fury, yielded to his Queen, but on several terms.

The mage clans would be remade into a single noble house, as to be better supervised. The remaining survivors would be executed after they began to repopulate. The children would be raised by the Queen herself. And they would have to bare the name of the heretic, forever more they would be known as the Balheists.

The Balheists

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