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Setting -

Set in the World of Mornal, the Eternal Kingdom Campaign is based within the City-State of Kharnull’len. Referred to as the Eternal Kingdom by its occupants, Kharnull’len is a massive city-state led by immortal Elemental Lords and the Noble Houses that follow them.

The Eternal Kingdom – The Eternal Kingdom. The Land of Fire and Darkness crowned by City-State capital of Kharnull’len. This is where the majority of the Campaign will take place. It is a city of massive proportions even to modern standards. A city of this size was created and eventually maintained by powerful warriors, mages, and scholars, ruled over by an immortal King and Queen of elemental descent.

Kharnull’len – The Capital of the Eternal Kingdom. Forged with the King’s determination and will, made beautiful by the Queen’s magicks, Kharnull’len is one of the five major city-states in Mornal. Home of the Campaign, and massive city, Khranull’len is the current apex of the heretical campaign against the Gods.

The Rulers, Houses, and Citizens of Kharnull’len – Here you will find a small collection of the inhabitants of Kharnull’len, first listed by their Status in the Kingdom, then by house or career. See the Characters tab for the full list of characters.

Rules -

While based on the Pathfinder Books and Rules, The Eternal Kingdom Campaign relies on several added mechanics and statistics.

Character Creation – Simple notes to help get started with making a character in this universe.

Basic Rules – Basic rules in regards to books in use, critical successes and failures, and roleplaying aspects. More to be added as the campaign progresses.

Main Page

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