The city of Flamma Luna has many characters in its walls, as well as hundreds of thousands more outside of them. The Royal Family rules over the city and the surrounding country, but they have raised up four families, known as the Noble Families, in order to help them rule. Besides these Gods and Ascended Families, the city is also filled with normal humans, strange races, and even strange hybrids. All are welcome as long as they obey the law and will of the Kingdom.

The Royal Family -

The true ruling family of Flamma Luna, the King and Queen are cursed to sleep for years at a time, and are kept apart because of it. One must sleep while the other rules, with very little overlap. They have one son and have ascended his wife to godhood as well.

The King – The Sleeping Lord of Fire, King of Flamma Luna, and one of the great Elemental Lords of the World.

The Queen – The Woken Lady of Darkness, Queen of Flamma Luna, and one of the great Elemental Ladies of the World.

Dusk – The Sleeping Prince of Flamma Luna, the only son of the King and the Queen, and Flamma Luna’s greatest General.

Dawn – The Woken Princess of Flamma Luna, Dusk’s wife. Once a human she now lives among Gods.

The Noble Houses -

The Noble Houses of Flamma Luna are families of impossibly powerful humans with a touch of the divine to them. All of them serve the Kingdom, while they do not all get along. Each house has its strengths as power waxes and wanes.

The Keepers – The Adopted Sons and Daughters of Dusk and Dawn, the Keepers are the mysterious family that control the Citadel and act as the eyes and ears of the Queen.

The Rosenharts – The Sons and Daughters of the King, crafted from his own blood. Tenacious warriors and defenders of the Crown.

The Balheists – The Sons and Daughters of the Queen, she watches over the family of magicians and sorcerers that once tried to usurp the throne.

The WrenWrights – A splinter family of the Balheists, the WrenWrights are stalwart masters of science and magic, the Heroes of the Civil War.

The Citizens of Flamma Luna


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