The city of Kharnull’len has many citizens within its walls, as well as hundreds of thousands more outside of them. The Royal Family rules over the city and the surrounding country, but they have raised up four families, known as the Noble Families, in order to help them rule. Besides these Gods and Ascended Families, the city is also filled with normal humans, strange races, and even stranger hybrids. All are welcome as long as they obey the law and will of the Kingdom.

The Royal Family -

The true ruling family of Kharnull’len, the King and Queen are cursed to sleep for years at a time, and are kept apart because of it. One must sleep while the other rules, with such fleeting time together.. They have one son and have ascended his wife to godhood as well.

The King – The Sleeping Lord of Fire, King of Kharnull’len and its lands; one of the great Elementals of the World.

The Queen – The Woken Lady of Darkness, Queen of Kharnull’len and its land; one of the great Elementals of the World.

Dusk – The Sleeping Prince of Kharnull’len, the only son of the King and the Queen, and Kharnull’len’s greatest General.

Dawn – The Woken Princess of Kharnull’len, Dusk’s wife. Once a human she now lives among Gods.

The Noble Houses -

The Noble Houses of Kharnull’len are families of impossible strength and power with a touch of divinity about them. All of them serve the Kingdom, despite their animosity towards each other. Each house has its strengths and weaknesses as their powers waxes and wanes.

The Keepers – The Adopted Sons and Daughters of Dusk and Dawn, the Keepers are the mysterious family that control the Citadel and act as the eyes and ears of the Queen.

The Rosenharts – The Sons and Daughters of the King, crafted from his own blood for the purpose of war. Tenacious warriors and defenders of the Crown.

The Balheists – The Sons and Daughters of the Queen. Watched over and shackled by their previous crimes of heresy and bloodshed.

The WrenWrights – A splinter family of the Balheists, the WrenWrights are stalwart masters of science and magic, the Heroes of the Civil War.

The Citizens of Kharnull’len -

The world is filled with noble houses of near Gods, mutants of abhorrent design, and lords and ladies of unimaginable powers, but, humanity always finds its way. The humans of Kharnull’len and beyond grasp to life, never letting go making them the perfect companions in the darkest of times.

The Imperial Army – Knights and soldiers of the Imperial Army make up the military might of Kharnull’len. Protectors and guardians they act as constables and police for the citizens of Kharnull’len, though they are led by the Knight Lord and the Mountain King.

The Common Man – The common folk of Kharnull’len are the true folk of the land. They have no great powers or will, but they cling to life, fighting for each day to push themselves closer to the Gods.

Lesser Houses – While the Noble Families try to stay close, lesser families are left behind which each break in the head families. These lesser houses are Rosenharts, Balheists, and WrenWrights in their own regard, thought without the prestige their names bring.

The Darkness of the Old World -

While the world believes itself safe from the same ancient evils that Luxes and her children faced, the darkness is eternal and everlasting. Its agents are everywhere, watching, waiting, patient beyond years as they search for ways to gain power for the darkness they worship as eternal.

Heretics – Hunted by the Royal Inquisition, Heretics of Kharnull’len seek to end the reign of the Gods and usher in another age of darkness. Low ranking minions, the Heretics cannot begin to imagine the horrors they could unleash upon the world.

Dark Priests – The Dark Priests of the Old Darkness guide the Heretics of Kharnull’len. They are the ringleaders and most dangerous instigators the Kingdom faces.

Lords of the Abyss – Supposedly there is a rank above the Dark Priests of the Old Darkness, Old Lords that have mastered the Darkness and are consumed by it. The shadowy leaders of all disasters and horrors in Kharnull’len.


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