Character Creation

The Eternal Kingdom is a little different from what we have normally played, and creating characters this time ’round will be different as well.

Character Creation – Basics

Some key, but basic things for you as players to remember.

  • Humans Only – The Humans in the PathFinder Core Rulebook to be more exact!
  • No Templates
  • Armor and Weapons will be provided in game, but will be discussed beforehand.
  • Any additional items you want you will discuss with me, and have an actual reason for wanting them.
  • All feats will be taken from the Core Rulebook unless covered by the DM and player beforehand.

Character Creation – Member of a Noble House

This is where things get a little different.

In the Eternal Kingdom Campaign Setting, characters will belong to one of four noble houses. These houses are:

Each house has their own unique abilities, traits, and ways of advancing in their house; however these abilities, traits, and advancements will not be made clear to the player beforehand, so choose a house you feel that you will want to roleplay in, not one that you think will get you the best stats.

After choosing a house we will then proceed to fit you into their family tree. Each house has several sub-families within them, so you as players will have several options to choose which sub-family you feel that you will best fit into. Your sub-family will be your direct family. Meaning your mother, father, and quite possibly your siblings will make appearances in this campaign.

I understand how having a main family, and a sub-family can limit the amount of creativity you have for making a character’s back story, but I feel that you are all up the the challenge.

After this stage you cannot go back and change your character

Once your character has been fit into a main family, and sub-family your first level abilities will be revealed to you both in person, and on the appropriate wiki page. As your character levels up their new abilities will slowly be revealed, and your family’s secrets will become yours.


Your character is an extension of yourself. Something or someone you want to play out and enjoy. In this campaign I want you all to bring out your characters as much as possible. Map out what they did when they were younger and I will do my best to incorporate it into the campaign. Certain designs in fact may lead to a better future for your character.

Your Character has a Home

Seriously. You can go home in my campaign, and you have a room. You in fact can design your room, something I think you should all look into doing.

Character Creation

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