Basic Rules

1. Pathfinder and Me

This seems fairly obvious, but I’ll say it anyways: Pathfinder rules apply here. All rules dealing with your characters should either come from those books or myself. No Other Sources

On that note though, I do not find myself liking everything in the Pathfinder rulebook when it comes to monsters… This is because the Pathfinder book has nothing on monsters… Only characters. So expect monsters, enemies, and some NPCs to be brought in from other sources. These creatures could be from DnD, D10 systems, or my own sick imagination.

This is my warning: I Reserve the Right to Create My Will in My Campaign Everything is for the story in my campaign so expect to see things that obey no rules, but my own.

This could mean created feats, spells, monsters, abilities, or lack of abilities. This could also apply to less tangible things like physics, chemistry, technology, or religion. These are all things that I will change in my campaign to better bring out the story and hopefully make a better campaign. If you are a hardcore rule-follower… Dont play Its really that simple.

2. Rolling the Dice

Since we have all done our own take on what a natural 20 and 1 means I’ll explain mine out once more:

  • A natural 20 is only an insta-success on attack rolls. That is it, nothing else. You roll a natural 20 on anything else its just another number.
  • A natural 1 is also only an insta-fail on attack rolls. That is it, nothing else. You roll a natural 1 on anything else its just another number. If you do roll a natural 1 on attack roll however, expect to roll a reflex to hold onto your weapon.
3. Player Knowledge vs Character Knowledge.

Now… This has always been a problem for us. We all believe in the fact that player knowledge does not equal character knowledge, but we have never done that good of a job at keeping them separate. So… For the sake of my sanity: I would prefer you did not discuss character history or knowledge with other players. I will also do my best in revealing nothing to the wrong people.Meaning: If only your character needs to know something, I will only let you know, and leave it up to you to tell the party… Or not.

I expect you to extend the same courtesy to me as well. Whether you do this by note, email, or AIM is up to you, but if you do not wish something known by the party, it does not need to be known by them.

Basic Rules

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