Basic Rules

1. Pathfinder and Me -

Pathfinder rules apply here. All rules dealing with your characters should either come from those books or myself. On that note if we need to work something out in regards to your character, please reach out to me. I’m sure we can work something out.

On that same note, I may be bringing in other components, monsters, or ideas from other settings, rule books, or systems. I’ll do my best not to abuse this, so please let me know if things are getting excessive.

Another thing to get out of the way: I like stories. This campaign will have fighting, lots of it even, but will also include talking, roleplaying, interacting with citizens, and being a part of this world. Your choices will effect the world around you, so please keep that in mind.

2. Rolling the Dice -

Since we have all done our own take on what a natural 20 and 1 means I’ll explain mine out once more:

  • A natural 20 is only an insta-success on attack rolls. That is it, nothing else. You roll a natural 20 on anything else its just another number.
  • A natural 1 is also only an insta-fail on attack rolls. That is it, nothing else. You roll a natural 1 on anything else its just another number.
  • I like the idea of losing limbs, getting eyes poked out, and things like that. I am reviewing some tables for this, and will keep this updated with those numbers.

3. Player Knowledge vs Character Knowledge -

While everyone should have a basic knowledge of what is happening around them, it is highly unlikely all characters played in this campaign would know everything about each other. Because of that I would prefer you did not discuss character history or knowledge with other players unless the characters directly effect one another. I will also do my best in revealing nothing to the wrong people.

I expect you to extend the same courtesy to me as well. Whether you do this by note, email, or a messenger app is up to you, but if you do not wish something known by the party, it does not need to be known by them.

Basic Rules

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