The Eternal Kingdom

The Balheists

Once the greatest threat Kharnull’len had ever faced, the Balheist family has become the tamed evil of the Eternal Kingdom…. And they are complete. Beloved by the Queen and mortal enemies of the Rosenharts, the Balheists dwell in the shadows of the world, but have begun to seize power as the King sleeps.

The Balheist family is fully written. I still need to do a full review, catch errors and whatnot, but a big moment nonetheless.

The game plan from before holds true, and I will be moving onto the Keepers and the WrenWrights next.

Kharnull'len Update #3

Kharnull’len is done! Feel free to look it over and let me know if anything doesn’t make sense or I mis-typed something.

Up next: The Balheists – The Enslaved Evil of Kharnull’len. I’ll be doing a review of all characters within the Balheist family to begin with, then finishing out the remaining characters. If all goes according to plan they’ll be followed by the WrenWrights and then the Keepers finally wrapping up the families.

Kharnull'len Update #2

I am still working on Kharnull’len as a city which can be found Here. Currently the Overview, the City, and its government is detailed out with the Royal Faith remaining.

I’m currently planning on getting the Royal Faith / Doctrine done today, so Kharnull’len should be finished out shortly. I want to make a map at some point to add to all of this, but we’ll see. Up next will be a continuation on either the Noble Families or beginning work on the Citizens of Kharnull’len.

Kharnull'len Update #1

Some of you may have noticed the change of City-State name from Flamma Luna to Kharnull’len. As I greatly enjoy this name more, please let me know if you see any Flamma Luna’s lingering as I’ll want to change those.

In the meantime, the overall setting is complete, shifting gears to the city.

Setting Update

Been working on the Settings Page a lot, specifically The Eternal Kingdom page.

Trying to hash out a quick version of the history, so everyone has something to look over, as well as what’s currently going on. Not super sure I love the formatting right now (One long block of text) but not sure if I want to make separate clickable pages either…

Edit. Initial run through of the The Eternal Kingdom Settings page is complete. To review and edit later. Still not huge on the layout, but expanding the width helps I think. Still a damn wall of text.

The Darkness and Citizens of Kharnull'len
Adding Stuff

This started happening. That’s weird.

Currently working on the history / origin stories of the King and Queen. Also dabbling in adding to the families, but that’s taking a back seat to the setting as a whole.

A New Beginning
A Review and Revival

A Review of the current state of this Campaign is under way. Tweaks are being made, character adjusted, and overall maintenance has begun.

Stand-by for revival.


Hello everyone! Just letting you all know that the first family is entirely completed! The family is of course the Rosenharts, the family most beloved by the King and the mortal enemies of the Balheist family.

I plan to continue my pace right now, moving onto the Keepers to get another full family down. From there the Balheists and finally the WrenWrights.

Besides reveling in this obvious milestone, I also wanted to remind everyone to begin picking character slots. While the other families are not completed it is important to know where you want to belong and soon as others are taking up spots. For instance, the Balheist family no longer has any open slots.



But seriously...

Michael, Jessica, Eric, Brian, and Max…

Welcome to my little world! There’s not a lot here now, but I have been thinking about this for quite some time. It has a lot to it, a lot of it not on here, but I promise you that its potentially something special and with your help I really think it can be.

The City of the Eternal Flame and the Rising Moon

Decided to get my ass in gear lol. Redoing The Keepers articles after realizing they have a bit more of an indepth history compared to the other houses so expect them to be done soon here.


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