Squire Jericho Van Rosenhart

Youngest Son of the Mountain King, Squire to the Lion


Youngest son of the Mountain King, Squire Jericho Van Rosenhart is named for the Patriarch of the WrenWright family, not only to honor the past, but to promise a grand future for the continued alliance between the Rosenhart and WrenWright lines. As for Jericho Van Rosenhart himself, he is quite young as he just became of age only three years ago. He is still proving himself to this day as he works towards one of the loftiest of goals that any Rosenhart can work towards: Becoming a Knight of the Queen’s Guard. In the tutelage of the Lion, Jericho has put himself into the position of having to work harder than any of his siblings as he tries to prove himself worthy of his name. Currently the Squire is learning swordsmanship from the Lion and is excelling. He is no master yet, but many see that he has an eye for the ruthless use of his shield, using it just as much as a weapon as a shield. While both of his brothers very much resemble their father, Jericho is a finely tuned balance between both his parents. Quite tall, he is of average build and does not look to become as stocky as the rest of his family. He has a certain grace to him and speed that many of his other family members lack. He wears his hair long and is oddly beginning to look slightly like the Lion as he is clearly trying to mimic Lord Alexander in any way that he can.


Jericho Van Rosenhart is an important child with a future that he does fully have control over. Born the youngest son of the legendary Mountain King, Lord Ivanus Lelion Rosenhart and his wife Lady Ithicianna Rosenhart, Jericho Van Rosenhart’s future was promised in an act of friendship with the WrenWright family. The two lines promised their futures together by offering two children to one day be married, the Rosenharts offering Jericho Van Rosenhart and the WrenWright’s offering Kataraz Kon WrenWright of the Carnivale family. The hope was that their union would bring together another lasting alliance between the two families, furthering their goals while both hoped to reduce the growing power of the Balheist family. Because of this, Jericho Van Rosenhart has lived a life of extreme tutelage and training, but he has met it with open arms. Eager to prove himself to his father, Jericho began to idolize Lord Alexander Khane Rosenhart at a young age due to his trials and determination when growing up. Thinking themselves as kindred spirits, he mimics the Lion in almost any way he can, from his style, looks, and dreams.

Because of his willingness to learn and excel, Jericho quickly earned himself the right to be the Lion’s squire and learn directly from him, putting him in the right place to become a member of the Queen’s Guard, an act he hopes impresses his betrothed.

Squire Jericho Van Rosenhart

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