Charismatic Lady of the Keepers. Their voice.


The second oldest living Keeper, excluding Dusk and Dawn, Sorrow is the second eldest member of any Noble Family, including the Mountain King himself. Sorrow is so old in fact, she supposedly witnessed the mass executions of the Balheists after their formation into a Noble Family when she was a child. Unlike her twin brother, Happiness, though, Sorrow is more than happy to tell anyone the tales of her childhood and the Kingdom that she once knew. Unlike her brother in that regard, it is said while Happiness never speaks, Sorrow never stops speaking. Being as old as she is, Sorrow has endless stories and is more than willing to tell them. Because of this she has become the defacto voice for the Keepers. Her brother leads, while she proclaims his will. The twin’s co-leadership of the Keepers has created an odd atmosphere, but it appears to be working as it has over the last three hundred years. A powerful sorceress besides her immense political power, Sorrow was once the Arch-Mage of Flamma Luna, but has since declined in might and power due to her age. She is of middling height and weight, with long black hair that nearly reaches her knees. Her eyes are a bright red, and her stare intense. Though impressive in age, Sorrow appears to be in good health, in fact in much better health than her brother. This has caused some concern in the Keepers and the Royal Families.


While ever talkative about the past and the other families, little is known about Sorrow’s personal past. Some say this is a favor she lends to her brother, who clearly has no desire to speak of his past. In fact, so little is known about the twins at this point, it is said that even the Mountain King does not recall much of their rise to power. Sorrow’s advanced age of course gives her an advantage when it comes to the Mountain King, but it is something to be said when even he cannot remember something while she seems to remember everything. Nearly as old as Happiness, Sorrow is the second oldest living Noble Family member in Flamma Luna. Because of this she has garnered a massive amount of respect from the other Noble Families over the years, despite not truly being in charge of her family. Beyond this and her Noble heritage, Sorrow appears to be quite the average person, or as average as a Keeper can be. Her height is unremarkable as well as her build. Once she was considered the jewel of the Keepers, but she never married let alone took on a lover. Age has clearly caught up to her, but she is in high spirits in seems ready to take on another century.

Once the Arch-Mage, Sorrow has since relinquished her authority to the Balheists, claiming that it is the natural order of things and that the position should be held by a Balheist. The Balheists of course have since taken a great liking to Sorrow and she can often be found at the Truth mansion albeit avoiding its library. While many have assumed she has had a major decline in power in order to give up her position as Arch-Mage, the Balheists now claim she had enough power to continue, but clearly enjoys the idea of being retired much more than pouring over an endless amount of tomes and keeping the city safe. Extraordinarily close to her twin in all matters, wild rumors have begun to spread about Happiness’ health, and Sorrow will hear nothing of it. Apparently the idea of her twin dying is simply unspeakable to her. In fact, it is said that the bond between the twins is so great that neither can live without each other. Enjoying her retirement besides, Sorrow continues to watch over the Kingdom as an adviser to the Queen, and Happiness’ voice to the Keepers.


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