Sir Walter Kon WrenWright

Ringleader and Lord of the Carnivale


Sir Walter Kon WrenWright is one of the most famous WrenWright that has ever lived, not because of his strength, speed, or power, but for his charisma, wit, and smile. Sir Walter is the Ringleader of the largest Circus to ever have existed in the world, and its success is all due to him and his wild ideas for next best show. All of his children are involved in his circus, as well as some grandchildren, and he uses his impressive knowledge of WrenWright augmentations to create better performers for his show. While it appears his chest, throat, and head are not augmented, his arms and legs certainly are. Thin as a skeleton, his arms and legs looks almost comical on him, but are extraordinarily strong and have the ability to stretch to awesome lengths. He uses this in shows, and clearly has some vocal enhancements as his voice can be loud enough to be heard over the din of the Carnivale. With short black hair, gray eyes, and a pointed black goatee, he strikes a handsome figure, but it can be said that his smile has lost some of his luster since his wife died. Beyond his Circus augments, it is known that Sir Walter is a capable duelist, using the many knifes he carries beneath his vest as he once was an attraction as a knife thrower himself.


Sir Walter Kon WrenWright, is the Ringleader of the Carnivale and the Carnivale family. They have foregone the ‘Average,’ life of a Noble House and has instead taken its vast wealth and prestige to the streets as a wonderful Circus. The ‘Carnivale’ Circus is the largest the land has ever seen and while it does not travel, almost every citizen in the city and outlying lands has at least gone to one show. This is all thanks to Sir Walter and not only his amazing showmanship but his advancements in steam and electricity powered augmentations and prosthetics. Because of his work, not only does he cure his family of demonic ailments, bringing them back even stronger than before, he also creates some of the world’s greatest circus performers. Legs that extend to marvelous heights, arms that will never burn under fire nor ever let go of a falling fellow performer, and a voice that can fill a room with a whisper all create the most magic show that has even been seen.

While the rest of the WrenWright family looks to the Carnivales with some confusion, they are still loved by their extended family and the majority of Flamma Luna as a whole. The great shows they put on are regarded as an art more so than a simple show. As of right now Sir Walter is content with his life and the life his family has, but it has been heard that the old ringleader is looking to retire, hoping one of his children will take after him and continue on with Carnivale!

Sir Walter Kon WrenWright

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