Sir Landry Von Vilaratus WrenWright

Second Son of the Vilaratus line, known explosive enthusiast


Sir Landry Von Vilaratus WrenWright is the second son of the Vilaratus line of WrenWrights, but is much better known than his older brother, Sir Jason Von Vilaratus WrenWright, for one very dangerous reason: Sir Landry has an obsession with explosives. Though a quiet man, Sir Landry has excited the Kingdom with not only his massive armaments meant to keep the City safe, but amazing fireworks as well. His work is appreciated on every festival night, despite him having no wish for the attention of the masses. Sir Landry is taller and slighter than his brother, but still possesses a strength all of his own due to his many mechanical additions. Sir Landry his well combed red hair, a large beard, and twinkling gray eyes, none of which match the uniform of his position as Master of Arms for his mother, Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright. Though his human features are attention grabbing, his mechanical parts often steal the show. With a total of four arms, two mostly human and two fully mechanical, Sir Landry appears quite strange as he mimics his uncle, High Lord Darius Nero Machin WrenWright. Combining that with tools built into his body, Sir Landry is well equipped to handle most scenarios. Married to Evelyn WrenWright, Sir Landry and her currently have two young children, also with wild red hair.


Sir Landry Von Vilaratus WrenWright is the second son of the infamous Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright and Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright, but is overshadowed by no one…. Except when he was younger. Growing up behind the nearly perfect child that was Sir Jason Von Vilaratus WrenWright, Landry was almost a forgotten tagalong in the Vilaratus family as he was not only so quiet but unassuming as well. For the longest time he got by excelling in nothing, but never failing in anything either, but this was not to be true forever. At a young age, Landry had always had a fascination with fire. In a City ruled by an immortal being made of fire, this was hardly surprising, but Landry was not curious because of what his King had to offer, but what fire had to offer him. Because of this fascination, his mother Cannoness Vivian eventually sent him to work with her engineers and alchemists in the hopes that his interests could spark something in the boy. Landry’s time spent with the engineers and alchemists was not only a rousing success in getting the boy involved with the family, but clearly working with fire and strange chemicals was what the boy was made for. So, removing him from his tutors and trainers, Cannoness Vivian let the boy train with alchemists, engineers, craftsman, mages, and any other scholar he could get his questions answered by. This would eventually make Sir Landry into what he was today: The foremost mind on all things explosive and their construction.

Once Landry had learned all there was to learn about fire, gun powder, and their many reactions, he returned to his family in the hopes of proving himself to them with his new found knowledge. Ever the opportunist, Cannoness Vivian quickly saw the new value in her son and quickly put him to work. He constructed new rifles for the Vilaratus family and their guard, eventually arming every member of the Wall Guard with on of his firearms. His prestige grew when he replaced the canons of old in the guard towers with howitzers of his own design. His efforts were soon recognized and he was knighted despite having no real combat experience. Shortly after that he met his wife, Evelyn WrenWright, and they have begun to form their own little family. To this day, Sir Landry Von Vilaratus WrenWright is still a quiet man that appears more concerned with his pipe than the man in front of him, but his loyalty to the Kingdom is without question…. Despite the fact he refuses to shave his unruly beard, fighting constantly with his mother over it.

Sir Landry Von Vilaratus WrenWright

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