Sir Kennith Truth Rosenhart

Youngest and laziest son of the Knight Lord family


Sir Kennith Truth Rosenhart is not the prodigy knight of the Rosenhart family, but he does live quite comfortably in the shadow of his older brother, Lord Alexander Khane Rosenhart. Like his brother, Sir Kennith benefits from both bloodlines mixed in his family. He is larger than the average man with increased strength and stamina, benefits of his Rosenhart father, but he also has more than one demonic trick up his sleeve from his mother’s Balheist lineage. Unlike his brother though, Sir Kennith looks more Rosenhart than Balheist which has made life much easier for him in concerns to other Rosenharts. Because of this, while Lord Alexander lived a life of tests and hatred, Sir Kennith has lived his life in luxury. He has enjoyed the praise of lax teachers, the love of a family without discrimination, and the ease of being a second son. Sir Kennith considers himself on the same level as his brother, but he lacks almost all of the determination his brother has. He much prefers to coast on his natural talents rather than working on anything too difficult. This has resulted in Sir Kennith’s slow rise in the Kingdom, earning his knighthood years after his brother. Eventually earning a place in the Queen’s Guard, rumored to have only received the honor due to his brother being the Captain, Sir Kennith does a fine job at looking busy when his brother is around, but spends most of his time looking for a shady place to read a book.

Sir Kennith looks like what his brother, Lord Alexander, would look like if not for all of his Balheist malformations. Tall and strong, Sir Kennith resembles his father strongly, with long brown hair flecked with gold. He wears a full beard like his brother, but it is much more unruly, giving him quite the grizzled look. Though often seen in the ceremonial armor of his position, Sir Kennith often complains about its weight and does his best to wear it as little as possible. He does, however, always wear his favorite weapons: The Twin Axes, Blood and Honor. It is rumored he is incredibly proficient in their use, but he has rarely been seen wielding them.


While his brother, Lord Alexander Khane Rosenhart was born into a world of hate and discrimination, Sir Kennith Truth Rosenhart was viewed much more favorably by his extended family. Born without the obvious Balheist malformations his brother had, Kennith Rosenhart was a normal Rosenhart child born to his Rosenhart and Balheist parents. This lack of Balheist blood ended up saving Kennith from the same trials and tribulations his brother was forced to face as the Mountain King saw Kennith as just a normal Rosenhart compared to the monstrosity that was his brother. In fact, it was because of Kennith that the Mountain King gave Alexander Rosenhart a chance at all. In the Mountain King’s mind it was clear that Rosenhart blood was stronger than the filth that was Alexander’s and Kennith’s mother’s blood, thus proving the superiority of Rosenharts to the vile Balheists. It was because of this that Lord Ivanus Lelion Rosenhart gave Alexander Rosenhart chance to prove that in fact, he had complete control over his Balheist lineage. For Kennith though, this meant having average teachers, tutors, trainers, and marshals for his training. It was because of this lack of challenge that Kennith managed to coast through all of his training without a hint of effort. This lead to Kennith becoming known as the Lazy Lion, a mockery of his determination and his brother’s new title. Laughing it off though, Kennith continued his life without a worry, doing only what was required of him to keep his life of simplicity. Of course this all ended when his father demanded he become a knight. Kennith went along with his father, eventually becoming and knight and a knight of the Queen’s Guard, though it is rumored that his brother in fact got him the position.

Sir Kennith Truth Rosenhart

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