Sir Jason Von Vilaratus WrenWright

Eldest son of the Vilaratus line, and possibly the most dangerous.


Sir Jason Von Vilaratus WrenWright is the eldest son of Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright and Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright and therefore the heir of the Von Vilaratus line. Greatly taking after his mother, Sir Jason is exactly what Vivian Von Vilaratus expects out of her children: Disciplined, Hardworking, and Dangerous. Sir Jason is the epitome of all of these things. Taking his mother’s teachings to heart, Sir Jason lives a disciplined life in which he endlessly tries to make himself better in the effort to better serve his family and Flamma Luna. His ceaseless dedication, and his mother, have shaped him into the perfect recruit, soldier, knight, and now Captain of the Southern Walls. While his mother rules the Northern Walls, controlling the ground access to the Kingdom, Sir Jason controls the Southern Ports, following his mother’s guidelines in the matters of trade and people. Because of his duties he is often away from his family and the Vilaratus family Mansion, but has constructed his own home above the Southern Gates. There, he met his wife, Angelica WrenWright, and has started his own family. He cares deeply for his wife and children, but shows it in a distant way, treating them like his mother treated him, but with some of his father slipping through. Sir Jason is of middling height and build, but all of his augments are focused on him becoming a much more dangerous marksman and swordsman. Most of his augmentations are in his eyes and arms, supposedly taking his ideas from the High Lord Nero Machin WrenWright himself. He is most proud of his bushy mustache though.


Sir Jason Von Vilaratus WrenWright grew up beneath the harsh tutelage of his mother, Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright, and the kind smile of his father, Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright, and the Great Walls of Flamma Luna. A precarious place for a child indeed, Jason quickly grew to not only become comfortable in the high places of the Kingdom, but began to enjoy them as well. Learning from his mother, he began to appreciate having the high ground over everyone. Growing up with that mindset, Jason always tried to give himself the advantage in everything. He studied and trained everyday, looking for an edge over all of his competition. This drive continued on through his childhood, teens, and adult life. He was quickly becoming the very driven perfection that his mother wished him to become, but Lord Ormus shown through in his own ways as well as the boy was not only a dedicated soldier, but an inspiring leader as well. Because of this rather perfect combination, Jason was soon knighted and then began to serve on the Great Walls with his mother. Quickly earning the honor of guarding the Southern Walls, Sir Jason was moving up quickly in the world, and further cemented himself as the heir apparent in the Von Vilaratus family by meeting his wife, Angelica WrenWright. Having several young children, Sir Jason is currently struggling with their attention and the attention his duties require.

Sir Jason Von Vilaratus WrenWright

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