Sir Ivan Lelios Rosenhart

Mighty Knight and eldest son of the Mountain King


The eldest son of the Mountain King Sir Ivan Lelios Rosenhart is the spitting image of his father in almost every way. He is simply massive, standing at roughly 6’8" and due to always wearing his armor, even the sturdiest floor seems to creak beneath him. He can always be seen with his massive tower shield, large enough to hide three men behind, and his sword ‘Glass.’ He keeps his brown hair trimmed short, to get a better fit while wearing his helmet, but does allow himself a massive beard that his mother supposedly begged him to grow. Over all he has a rather brutish appearance about him and his attitude and mannerisms do little to quell that thought. His brusque and stern, but it can be said while one would think him a barbarian, he has a sharp tactical mind and appears to have some skill at politics. Currently he is positioning himself to take his father’s throne when the Mountain King finally relinquishes control of the Rosenharts to his hand picked heir. Of course the Mountain King has no interest in simply passing it down his line. No, the Mountain King will present the family to the worthiest of heirs, making Sir Ivan compete with Lord Alexander Khane Rosenhart. A strong rivalry has been formed because of this, with more than a few dirty tricks being pulled by either side.


While Sir Ivan is the oldest son of the Mountain King and his firstborn, Sir Ivan did not receive any of the privileges that one would expect a young almost-prince would be spoiled with. In fact is said that the Mountain King treated him as roughly as Lord Iggdral treated him, wanting him to grow into a strong man and now a whelping weakling. This made Sir Ivan’s early life rather hard, but between his mother’s love and his own iron will, he persevered and flourished in his harsh world. He went on to master his father’s trainings, tutors, and lessons while also caring for his younger siblings. He was the perfect older brother to him and he strove to be. When his chance came he thought himself ready to take on the world and follow on his father’s footsteps, but of course there was no grand war to be had with the King in his sleep, but the Lion’s Tournament was upon them, and Sir Ivan was eager to prove his worth. While at first he was the favorite to win, to everyone’s surprise a black horse fighter met him in the finals and beat him. This was the then Sir Alexander Khane Rosenhart and Sir Ivan hated him the moment after that.

Claiming the now Lion, had used his perverse Balheist powers to defeat him and should have been ruled out of the tournament, Sir Ivan was not only silenced on the matter but forced to congratulate the now Lord Alexander on his victory. Ever since then Sir Ivan has trained religiously, and supposedly is making an effort to not only fight toe-to-toe with the Lion next time, but beat him as well. Since then Sir Ivan has married and he and his wife, Lady Lillian Rosenhart have had several children. Unlike his father, he does spoil his children somewhat, but it can be said he does have high standards for them. In fact, his eldest is almost of age to join the Kingdom as a proper citizen.

Sir Ivan Lelios Rosenhart

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