Sir Dustin Ithist Rosenhart

Second Son of the Mountain King, Knight of the City Guard


Sir Dustin Ithist Rosenhart is the second son of the Mountain King and while he looks incredibly like his father, he acts nothing like him or his older brother. Seemingly an almost relaxed Rosenhart, Sir Dustin defies many of the common values found in the Rosenhart families. It is not that he is lazy or lacking in ability or moral fiber, but Sir Dustin has made it clear to everyone around him that while he is more than willing to help defend his city, greater men and woman with greater purposes than him can be the ones to try and change the world, he’ll gladly focus on protecting his family and home. It is because of this that Sir Dustin came to spend the majority of his time with his cousin, Sir Kenneth Truth Rosenhart, as they both feel rather the same about the world. Lady Ithicianna often refers to them as saplings as they have yet to have their mettle truly tested in this time of peace and she worries for their ability to truly defend the Kingdom when the King’s time comes again.

Sir Dustin is a spearman of much renown in the Kingdom, while his father often says he could be better if he practiced more. While he looks much like his father, he is notably shorter and quite a bit less stocky as his mother’s traits are easily seen, especially in his already long white hair. Sir Dustin is often found patrolling the city himself, instead of leading from his post as a Knight of the City Guard. He is often heard complaining about such a task, but when allowed to stay behind, Sir Dustin often elects to go on these patrols anyways. He is noted to being incredibly loyal to the men directly beneath him and has in turn won their respect and loyalty too. Because of this the Knight Lord Sir Kendall Alexander Rosenhart has given Sir Dustin a larger and large portion of the Easter City Guard to control as the situation there escalates daily.


Sir Dustin Ithist Rosenhart had a rather plain childhood. While his father was focused on making his older brother into the perfect warrior, scholar, and heir, Dustin more or less fell through the cracks of his tutelage. Because of this he grew up rather normally. He had the same lessons his brother did of course, but his instructors were much more kind and much more focused on bettering the boy, not breaking him. Even when he was found to be misbehaving or slacking off by his father, Dustin often was saved by not only his mother, but his older brother as well, who was clearly intent on his younger siblings not enduring the same maddening tutelage that was forced upon him. To this day, Dustin is thankful to his brother for this and he has a strong bond with his older brother, more so than the rest of his family. After coming of age, Dustin elected to become a squire in the Service of the Knight Lord, figuring that a Knight of the City Guard was an honorable enough position to placate his father, while also allowing him to slack off some.

He was very wrong there.

The Knight Lord drilled Dustin, forcing him to become better, sharper, and quicker than ever before. He made sure the boy understood the importance of a truly great commander and how each and every one of his troops were absolutely vital to the city’s safety. Dustin learned quickly and was eventually knighted and given his own post in the city. Since then crime, terrorism, and hostility in his sector has dramatically decreased, but it must be noted that the Grand Inquisitor was brought in at one point when a certain arrest led to something much greater.

Soon after his assignment, Sir Dustin married his wife Rori Rosenhart. While she originally thought to be a simple commoner, one of the subjects in Sir Dustin’s care, it was later found she could trace her lineage back to the Rosenhart line as well. A sweet girl, she smiles often and is one of Lady Ithiciann’s consorts. Currently expecting.

Sir Dustin has one daughter, Ithy Rosenhart, who is no more than a toddler.

Sir Dustin Ithist Rosenhart

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