Rori Rosenhart

Wife of Sir Dustin Ithist Rosenhart


Rori Rosenhart is the wife of Sir Dustin Ithist Rosenhart and the mother of his only child, though they are expecting another. While originally not known for any noble lineage, Rori was a commoner under the care of Sir Dustin and his Guard Legion. One fateful night, Sir Dustin saved Rori, her parents, and her siblings from a heretical attack and she had fallen for him right then and there. Knowing she stood no chance with the son of the Mountain King though, Rori tried to hide her feelings, but often found herself running into Sir Dustin. Soon it became clear that he also had feelings for her, and with some help from his mother, they were soon married. Afterwards, amazingly enough, the Mountain King was able to find that Rori was in fact the child of the Rosenhart line, a splinter family, but nobility nonetheless. Since then, Rori has given birth to Dustin’s first child, Ithy Rosenhart, and is currently expecting.


Not much is known about Rori Rosenhart’s past, not because of any mystery, but because there is not one to speak of. She lived a fairly common life, helping her father run their smithy in the Rosenhart commons, but on the far edge. Because of this she had received a decent education and is fairly caught up on the Kingdom as a whole, but compared to others in her new family she is rather common in everyone else’s eyes besides her husbands. Loyal and loving, she is more than happy with her role in life as she was taken on by Lady Ithicianna as a consort.

Rori Rosenhart

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