Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright

Deceased Lord of the Vilaratus WrenWright Family


Lord Ormus Von Viliaratus WrenWright was a man among Gods and Goddesses. Once a lowly knight in service to the Von Vilaratus family and their Wall Guard, Lord Ormus eventually rose through the ranks to not only become a Captain of the Wall Guard, but also winning the love of Lady Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright as he did. Becoming the Patriarch of the Vilaratus family, Lord Ormus helped build the Vilaratus into worthy heirs for the WrenWright name, but it can be said that he never became comfortable with his title as Lord. Seeing himself as a normal man, Lord Ormus remained humble throughout his life, happy to be able to serve his Queen, love his wife, and grow his family. Despite this rather simple view on life, Lord Ormus endeared himself to many other families, including the rest of the WrenWrights and the Knight Lord family. He was well respected and considered equal in a city of Gods, and even managed to live up to his title from time to time according to his often harsh and overbearing wife. He would always laugh that off though with a smile, and it was known that he was the only one that could make Vivian smile too… Her smile was broken one day though. Despite his popularity and love of life, Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright was murdered in cold blood by at least a dozen heretics and rebels within Flamma Luna. In an act of protest, his body was shackled and chained to a blood stained statue of the King himself, the rebels intent clear as the Vilaratus family wrath burned before they closed ranks, trusting only immediate family until the mystery of their father’s death could be solved.


Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright was the husband of Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright and Patriarch of the Vilaratus WrenWright family. In his youth he impressed the Wall Guards, and Vivian, with his sly smile, wit, and ability to soldier on through the worst of it. He rose through the ranks until he was a Captain in the Wall Guard, but once obtaining the title he gained something far greater: Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright’s hand in marriage. Quickly marrying the pair was a strange sight, the tall full-blooded WrenWright with many mechanical augments and prosthetics, and a normal man with love in his eyes, but it was clear that nothing could ever tear them apart. Soon enough their little family began to grow and grow as many fine heirs were born into the family. Vivian kept them sharp while Ormus gave them a smile. Clearly the children were going to be something special due to their rather strange upbringing, but the Kingdom was excited nonetheless to see what these children would come to under Vivian’s eye and Ormus’ smile. Unfortunately though, just before Ormus’ final heir became of age, he was brutally murdered in the streets of Flamma Luna, sparking the wrath of the Vilaratus family and eventually leading them to close themselves off and sever all ties with the other families, claiming that until the mystery of their Patriach’s death was resolved, they would trust no one.

While Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright was still alive, he was known mostly for his role as the Patriarch of the Vilaratus WrenWright family, but he had many other talents to be sure. An excellent marksman and swordsman, Ormus was a skilled soldier that had earned his title as Captain, though he quickly retired after receiving it. In order to keep him up with his prodigious family, Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright constructed him many augments to keep him healthy and living longer, making him look quite a deal like a true WrenWright. Quick with a smile and a laugh, Ormus was quite the opposite of Vivian, but they worked so well together. It is because of this that Vivian has adopted a more hostile view of the world… No one of good intent could kill her husband.

Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright

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