Lord Kendall Alexander Rosenhart

Knight Lord of Kharnull'len


The middle child of the famed Rosenhart, Lord Iggdrall Rosenhart, Lord Kendall Alexander Rosenhart is the current Knight Lord of the city of Flamma Luna. He leads and controls the City Watch, the city’s defenders and guardsmen, giving him control over the largest standing army any of the Noble Houses have. He has never used this to personal advantage of course, but many remark it is an awesome amount of strength for a single person to lead. A rather young looking man though, Lord Alexander, still has many hints of his age about him, but, unlike his older brother, the Mountain King, Lord Alexander is still in the prime of his life. He is extraordinarily capable with a sword and buckler, preferring them above all other weapons, and still has some youthful flair to his style. Time is catching him up though, as streaks of grey appear on his beard and hair now.


Lord Kendal Alexander Rosenhart was a lesser son of greater men. While Lord Kendall was the brother of Lord Ivanus Rosenhart, the fabled Mountain King, he himself had little to be proud of. The great wars had come to an end by his birth. The King had entered his long sleep. The glorious days of war were at an end, and there was no honor to be won. It looked as if Lord Kendall would be forgotten in history, a brother of a man worthy of honor…

Until he met his wife.

When Lord Kendall met his wife, he never thought her strange. She was as beautiful as moonlight and as lovely as the stars. She quickly became his everything. His love, his wife, and his life. It wasn’t until after their marriage had been completed that her terrible secret was finally revealed. She was a Balheist. The Rosenharts were outraged. Shamed by their brother’s neglect to look into the woman the Rosenharts cried out for a divorce, but instead of feeling shame or divorcing, Lord Kendall and Lady Alassiel only felt their love blossoming…

Lady Alassiel was pregnant.

Despite the outcries from both families, the new lord and lady had their child, and what a sight he was. He was as noble as any Rosenhart, but his figure was scarred by the deformities of the Balheist blood. Some called him a monster, his parents… Their son. This was the beginning of Lord Kendal Alexander Rosenhart and Lady Alassiel Balheist Rosenhart. The first coupling of Rosenhart and Balheist.

Soon after the birth of his first son, Lord Kendall began to reap honors. He defended his kingdom with tenacity, and brought the wrath of the Rosenhart’s against his foes. He was knighted and after became the Lord Commander of the Imperial City’s guard. His family was eventually blessed with a second son and his eldest began to follow in his footsteps, and now the same “deformed,” child that had once been viewed with scorn was now not only the Lion of the Queen, but the heir apparent for the Rosenhart line.

Lord Kendall Alexander Rosenhart

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