Lord Ivanus Lelion Rosenhart

The Ancient Lord of the Rosenhart Family.


Hail, hail, the Mountain King….

While once upon a time, the Mountain King was a strong and handsome man, his advanced age has stripped him of much of his youthful strength and looks. Now a withered man, the Mountain King is not nearly the shining knight he once was. While his features are still striking with a powerful jar and sharp eyes, it is clear that age has stolen from him. He is now covered in wrinkles and is rarely seen without layers upon layers of heavy robes. He has not been seen in his armor in more than twenty years. Instead of golden hair, he now has bright white hair, his wife Ithicianna claiming she likes it better this way, and a large snowy beard as well. While he claims to be tired and old now, there is still a certain spark of ferocity in his eyes and at all times his legendary hammer, “Earth Shaker,” can be seen near him if not resting besides him.


During that last of the King’s great wars, one man, one Rosenhart, stood above every soldier, every general, and every foe that was presented to him. The Rosenhart was so far beyond anything or anyone even the King himself commended him for his skill, saying that “He alone stood on a mountain, and was its king.”

When the legendary Rosenhart returned home, he brought with him the same skill and tenacity he had held on the battlefield, and used it to continue to gain the power he so desired. Marrying a beautiful woman from the northern mountains, he began to create a legendary and powerful family, filled with warrior sons, and the finest daughters. And as his family grew so did he. Quickly winning the title of “The Lion,” he soon fought for something much grander, something much more sacred; the Rosenhart name. Declaring himself the rightful Lord of the Rosenharts, the Mountain King struck down all the other contenders for the title as he soon became the only choice left.

Lord Ivanus Lelion Rosenhart had finally obtained the power he had so desired, and for one hundred years he has ruled. Now aged and withered the Mountain King seeks to find his heir, not only from his own family but from any Rosenhart willing to take up his call.

Lord Ivanus Lelion Rosenhart

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