Lord Alexander Khane Rosenhart

The Lion of the Queen's Guard and Heir Apparent of the Rosenharts


Sir Alexander Khane Rosenhart is the prodigy knight of the Rosenhart family, but he is not lucky enough to enjoy the same physical advantages his cousins do. While the Lion is obviously of Rosenhart decent, his Balheist side shows through as well. The Lion is rather tall and built like a fortress. His thick arms and legs are corded with muscle and the rest of him seems to be chiseled out of stone. And to top it all off, the Lion even sports a small well trimmed goatee. While this was normally regarded as physically pleasing, the Lion had other malformations that were hard to ignore. Besides the fact that he is missing his right eye, the Lion’s face is always twisted into a toothy grin. His large fangs cannot be contained in his mouth, forcing a permanent and terrifying smile on his face. Dark veins pulse beneath his pale skin as much of it is covered in Balheist Prayer Wraps. It is said that his entire left arm is covered in the bandages in order to keep a fully demonic arm hidden. While other malformations are sure to exist, the Lion keeps them well hidden, but it has been said he is not afraid to use his Balheist lineage to his advantage.

The Lion is the ultimate warrior and swordsman in Kharnull’len. It is said that his skills in the arena and the battlefield are unmatched by anyone that is less than a God. Preferring to use both a sword and a shield, the Lion is adept at almost every single martial weapon that the Kingdom can manufacture. His ability to adapt to the situation and his cunning are almost as well known as his skill with a blade. Almost always clad in his ceremonial armor, the Lion is rarely caught off guard if he ever has been. His sword and shield are heirlooms, said to have been forged by Dusk himself as a gift to early Rosenhart warriors. The weapons are said to be ever strong and ever sharp, the perfect combination for the Queen’s Guard. Beyond his skills with weapons though, it has been said that the Lion is not above using his mother’s gifts to his advantage. Its rumored that the Lion’s right arm is fully demonic as his strength in said arm is unworldly. What other tricks he has up his sleeves are unknown though.


Scorn is not a gift any child should receive. Alexander Khane Rosenhart was hated and reviled from the moment of his birth. His left eye appeared to be that of his father, strong and proud, a bright yet deep gold. His right eye… His right eye was monstrous. A white iris was ringed by a black eye, darker than coal. It seemed to look into a man’s soul and could see the fear within him. His mouth was twisted into a cruel smile, filled to the brim with fangs and he always seemed to be under the cast of a shadow. A Balheist child to be sure, but Lord Kendall and Lady Alassiel Rosenhart loved their child with all their hearts, despite his appearance… Others were not so accepting.

The Mountain King was not so accepting.

From the moment of his birth, Lord Ivanus Rosenhart has done everything in his power to test Alexander. He brought him to the harshest master at arms, the most strict and violent teachers. He tested the boy again and again, hoping to break him, hoping to prove his weakness. The “deformed,” boy not only survived his tests, but excelled in them. He became a mighty swordsman, said to rival Dusk himself. His intellect and wit seemed never-ending, and it was said even Lord Nero Machin WrenWright respected his wisdom. The child grew into a man like no other, deformities and all…

But the man was not done yet.

Alexander continued to prove himself beyond anyone’s hopes and dreams. He became the rigid shield of the city, defending it from all attackers. He was his father’s powerful mailed fist, guiding guardsmen through horrible assaults. And when the Lion’s tournament came, he won the right to guard the Queen herself. As he donned the lion helm of his order, he knew he his honor had been won, but he would still not be accepted by his extended family. So in a long slow stroke, the Lion cut out his Balheist eye and offered it to the Mountain King himself as a show of loyalty.

It was accepted.

Alexander Khane Rosenhart, otherwise known as the Lion, now is the primary leader of the Queen’s army and guards. He is greatly honored by his family, but is still regarded with some concern from other less accepting family members.

Lord Alexander Khane Rosenhart

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