Lady Victoria Von Vilaratus WrenWright

Lady of the Eastern Walls, Only Daughter of the Vilaratus Family


The only daughter of Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright and Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright, and the most like her father. Though elegant, poised, disciplined, beautiful, but most of all intelligent, Lady Victoria seems like the perfect daughter for Vivian WrenWright, but instead she strives to honor her father, his teachings, and now his memory. Unlike her older brothers and mother, Victoria strives to keep strong relationships with other families despite the obvious distrust that the Vilaratus family holds onto. It is because of this that Victoria has become somewhat of an emissary for her family, delivering messages and participating in events with the other houses and families to insure continued cooperation. Lady Victoria herself is quite the lady in all sense of the word from her intellect and features. Tall, elegant, dexterous, beautiful, and wickedly smart, Victoria offers the full gambit that any woman would want to be, despite clearly tinkering here and there. Besides the normal Vilaratus enhancements to her arms to handle heavy firearms, Victoria also has made adjustments to her legs and back as well. It is hard to say what these augments are for, but Victoria assures anyone that they are highly important, despite not revealing what they do. Though strikingly similar to her mother, Victoria is quick to smile, laugh, and to tell a joke and her skills have earned her the right to Captain the Eastern walls, allowing her to spend quite some time with the Knight Lord Rosenhart family, and particularly the Lion.


Lady Victoria Von Vilaratus WrenWright is the only daughter of Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright and Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright and also the closest thing to a perfect combination of the two. Starting off at an early age, Victoria looked to both her parents for inspiration, support, and knowledge, not only seeing her mother as a source for all of these things, but her human born father as well. While her older brothers clearly saw value in their father, Victoria took everything he said to heart, so as she grew into an adult she became not only the disciplined weapon her mother desired, but the truly good person her father wished for as well. Excelling in all her areas of study, it became quickly apparent that Victoria could clearly become something great if she put her mind to it. She could study up and become a great scholar, she could train harder and become an expert marksman or duelist, it was rumored that her mother Vivian was even considering having her study with Lord Darius Nero Machin WrenWright due to the girl’s knowledge in augments, but instead of doing any of these things, she followed in her father’s footsteps and decided to work her way up through the Wall Guard to prove her worth as she said, “In the good, old fashioned way.”

Quickly rising in the ranks in the Wall Guard, it wasn’t long until the now Lady Victoria gained the rank of Captain, taking over the Eastern Walls for her father, despite the fact that he only held the rank in name. Because of their proximity, Lady Victoria has had the unique opportunity to spend more time with the Rosenhart family than any of her siblings, let alone her parents. In particular, the Knight Lord line has been rather gracious and kind towards Lady Victoria and have fostered a strong relationship with her. It was rumored for quite some time that Lady Victoria in fact had become infatuated with the Lion, but after her father’s death, Lady Victoria became withdrawn like the rest of her family, putting an end to such rumors. Unlike the rest of her family though, Lady Victoria has not completely cut herself off from the outside world. She still takes visitors and will still talk with other families and houses when the need arises. Her strongest relationship still remains with the Knight Lord family, but whatever glamour that was there before appears to have diminished as the Vilaratus family continues to close ranks.

Lady Victoria Von Vilaratus WrenWright

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