Lady Lillian Rosenahart

Wife of Ivan Lelios Rosenhart


Lady Lillian Rosenhart is the wife of Ivan Lelios Rosenhart. Married to him at a young age, Lady Lillian comes from a lesser line of Rosenharts and was hand picked for Sir Ivan to marry by his father to ‘Keep the Rosenhart Line pure.’ Though a political marriage, the two are quite happy together and have since had three children together. Lady Lillian is a tall woman with a hint of Rosenhart blood in her, granting a strong form and quick hand for disciplining her children. A student of the Keepers, Lady Lillian was taught at an early age how to win any fight, no matter the disadvantage, making her the perfect candidate for helping her husband eventually beat the Lion, Lord Alexander Khane Rosenhart.


Lady Lillian grew up in a lesser house of Rosenharts, but she was their prize. Born and raised to be the perfect prize for an aspiring Noble House Rosenhart, Lady Lillian was groomed for her role from childhood. Given to the Keepers to learn from them, taught by Imperial Troops to wield a blade, and taught tactics and politics by the Imperial Legion, she was meant to become the strong woman behind a great man. Soon enough she was hand picked by the Mountain King to marry his eldest son and their life began together shortly thereafter.

Lady Lillian Rosenahart

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