Lady Lia Rain Rosenhart

First Daughter of the Mountain King, Expert archer and rising captain in the Wall Guard


Eldest daughter of the Mountain King, Lady Lia Rain Rosenhart is something of a prodigy in her family. Not only is she an expert archer, claiming many honors and tournaments because of it, but she is also the first Rosenhart, or any noble family member really, since the death of Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright’s death to join the Wall Guard, excel in it, and gain the trust of the Von Vilaratus family. The Vilaratus family has nothing but respect for the girl, so much so they are currently considering giving her access to their mansion in the walls, but also giving her command of the Southern Walls as the Captain there. While, obviously, she has a great skill in archery, Lady Lia is also a known duelist and is known to dabble in some magicks. On top of all of that, she inherited none of the Mountain King’s looks and instead takes after her beautiful mother. Tall, thin and pale, the only thing of her father’s that shows through in her is his light brown hair and his amber eyes. Currently she is considered to be in the perfect position to begin courting, but she has made it rather evident she has no interest in suitors at this time, despite her often hanging around members of the Vilaratus family.


Lady Lia Rain Rosenhart was the much desired first daughter of the Mountain King and Lady Ithicianna. One more than one occasion, Lady Ith had made the comment that her home was quickly becoming a den of filth and swords, and she desperately needed some female companionship in her home of men. Rewarded soon after with Lia, Lady Ith was thrilled… At first. Lia ended up being more like her brothers than her mother, preferring to fight and wrestle than to practice magic and elegance. Losing hope, Lady Ith did her best to at least steer her daughter away from the life of the sword, and had her daughter instead practice archery, and a greater decision could not have been made. Lia took to the bow faster than either of her brothers did to their swords. She was ferocious in practice and soon outstripped most of her teachers. It was because of this that the interest from the Vilaratus family began. Always searching for sharp shooters, the Vilaratus family invited Lia to many of their tourneys and they were never unimpressed. It was expected that when she was to come of age that Lia would then join the Vilaratus on the walls of the City, but the death of Lord Ormus Von Vilaratus WrenWright sent that plan spiraling.

Because of their Patriarch’s death, the Vilaratus family quickly turned inwards and began to push away all outsiders, including Lia. Eventually she was forced into helping her Uncle, the Knight Lord Kendall Alexander Rosenhart, as a part of the City Guard. She assuredly flourished there but felt her talents were wasted. Eventually after several years of patrolling the streets, the Vilaratus family finally made good on their promise and took Lia into their ranks. None are sure why the family had such a change of heart, but it is said that the Mountain King himself may have asked for the favor. Since then Lady Lia has lived and trained on the walls of Kharnull’len, guarding its gates and quickly climbing the ranks,

Lady Lia Rain Rosenhart

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