Lady Kaitlyn Aurora Rosenhart

Lady of the Broken House and deadly Assassin


Lady Kaitlyn Aurora Rosenhart is the oldest living family member, and therefore head of, the Broken Line of Rosenharts. Growing up she had lost both her father and mother in a wild fire that would destroy their home and it is said that this night had a traumatic effect on the young girl, changing her forever. She has since followed in her fahter’s footsteps and became an honorable assassin for the Queen, a Shadow Dancer. Though she takes after her father in that regard, it is said that Lady Katelyn is very much the daughter of her mother. Though she is a Rosenhart, Lady Wintra’s traits were dominant. She has the height of the Rosenhart’s, standing roughly 5’11" and lithe. Her skin is unnaturally pale and she is said to look like a spirit of winter in that sense. Once upon a time it was said she had long, blonde hair, but in order to better adapt to the shadows she has since dyed it black and keeps it rather short. She is called beautiful in her own way with deep eyes and a wondrous smile… But she very rarely smiles now, and covers herself constantly in hard leathers and black cloaks.


Daughter of the famed Shadow Dancer, Lord Conrad Rosenhart, Lady Kaitlyn Aurora Rosenhart has lived a rather terrible life as her family was nearly destroyed when she was but a child. A great fire broken out in her family’s home when she and her sibling were small, and while she and her sibling had lived, by some miracle or another, her parents had died. Her father was found in the main hall, all but charred remains with his sword in his hand still, while her mother had sacrificed her body to save her children. To say this was a traumatic experience would be a huge understatement, as both children to this day say they cannot remember anything that happened that night.

Lady Kaitlyn and her sibling eventually became the foster children of the Knight Lord, growing up with his sons. They were well taken care of by the Knight Lord and his family, but when Lady Kaitlyn Aurora Rosenhart came of age, she took her sibling and vowed she would bring honor back to her broken family. Like her father before her Lady Kaitlyn walks in shadows, much to the chagrin of the Knight Lord house, and it appears her sister is ready to walk the same path…

Lady Kaitlyn Aurora Rosenhart

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