Lady Ithicianna Rosenhart

Powerful Ice Mage and Wife of the Mountain King


Lady Ithicianna, otherwise known as Ithicia, Ith, or Granny Ith, is the current Matron of the Rosenhart house. Married to the ‘Mountain King’ Lord Ivanus Rosenhart, Lady Itchicianna presides in many of his rulings and house decrees. She is said to be her husbands closest adviser and his most trusted. More than one rumor has flown in fact that the Lady herself is the real ruler behind the King. When asked herself, the Lady will always smile and ask if the person at hand has met all of her grandchildren. Overall she is a kind woman who cares deeply for her family, putting them above all else in her world. She is as fierce as any Rosenhart and as crafty as any WrenWright, but little is known about her besides that. The Lady is mostly a private woman when it comes to herself and her origins. Obviously her family line contains some magic, as she herself is nearly as old as the Mountain King.

Lady Ithicianna is a rather strange woman. While she is human in all respects of the word, obviously she and her northern family had been experimenting with magic of some sort. The Lady herself is quite tall and remains so even in her old age. Her thin frame gives an air of frailty, but a fierce gaze all but eliminates any doubt of weakness. Her skin is devastatingly pale, looking more like snow covered ice than skin. Her hair is all white, not due to old age, but as far as anyone could tell it was her natural hair color. To combine all of this with her wardrobe of white robes and simple blue adornments and she was the very definition of a Snow Maiden. Now in her older age though, her face is finally showing some wrinkles, but her silver gray eyes still have a twinkle of cunning in them.

While the Lady is of course not expected to participate in any War, Fight, Brawl, or Competition she on more than one occasion has shown off her impressive variety of skills and knowledges. The Lady excels in the use of a rapier, finding the light weapon to “Be rather fun to play with.” She has shown not only impressive sparring skills with her sword, but also more than once her over confident sons have been taught a lesson in swordsmanship by her. Beyond her skills with a sword though is her obvious affinity with magick. While she has yet to show the extent of her knowledge it is clear that she is able to prolong her life and her youth. She also seems to be able to control water in its every form, but is especially adept at snow and ice magicks.


Little is known about the Lady’s past. While it is known she comes from the far North, little else is known. It is said that the Mountain King claimed her as a prize while fighting alongside the Northern Kingdoms in the Great War in which he was known for. It is not known though whether the Lady came from the Northern Kingdoms as a woman he had wooed, or as a War Wife from the northern rebels.

Lady Ithicianna Rosenhart

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