Jericho Balheist

The Insane and Blind Balheist, imprisoned for killing his family.


‘The Seer,’ Jericho Balheist of the old Charity family is one of the strangest enigmas the city has ever seen. Known for his crooked smile, his blindfold, and the mass murder he committed at the age of fourteen, Jericho is considered not only insane, but dangerous to everyone and everything around him. In his youth, Jericho Balheist was showing all the signs of becoming a handsome man, but none now can look at him as anything more than a murderer. Instead Jericho looks like a beggar that once looked like a gentleman, insanity shrouded with hints of elegance and poise. Wearing layers of old and ragged robes, Jericho Balheist plays into his role as the insane Balheist with ease as it appears that he does everything he can to prove each and every rumor about himself true. Shackled within the Truth Mansion, Jericho does little now but wander the library in which he is shackled in, the sounds of chains ringing following him everywhere he goes. Little can be said for Jericho’s strength and powers as a Balheist mage or swordsman, even less can be said though on how he managed to kill his parents, both powerful mages, at the age of fourteen… Without having the gift of sight.


Jericho Balheist. A name that rings of past heroes and arch-enemies. Considered a mutilation of names and houses, Jericho Balheist is seen as something of a monster in the eyes of the Keepers, Rosenharts, and the WrenWrights, not only for his name though, but for everything he was, is, and will be. To understand the other families’ hate for Jericho though. it is of the utmost importance to understand his past. At the age of three, Jericho was considered to the most possessed individual since Balheist Sin himself. This was especially terrifying after the emergence of the High Lady Aanya Balheist and her awesome powers. This was immediately considered a powerful threat to every other family in the Kingdom, the citizens of the empire, and the very King and Queen themselves. Great debates were held over the child, courts and judges deciding what to do with the boy that was merely walking and talking at this point. Eventually he was taken from his family in the night in a massive coalition of forces. The current Judge of Eternity, the Mountain King’s father, Lord Iggdrall Rosenhart, was given the task of deciding the boy’s fate, considering his will near absolute in the place of the King’s and Queen’s will. Lord Iggdrall debated this matter for three days and three nights. On the morning of the fourth day, he brought the weeping boy in front of the masses and promised to keep them all safe. The outcries and rage of the Balheists were blocked by a massive force of the City Watch as Lord Iggdrall carved out the boy’s eyes in front of the entire Kingdom, cutting out the first instance of his infestation and hopefully ending any chance the boy had at a normal life, let alone the life of a possessed mass murderer. The Kingdom felt safer afterwards and considered this a mercy for the boy. His life didn’t need to be ended if they simply crippled him.

This however was the beginning of a life so full of madness that many now say Lord Iggdrall might have been better off killing the boy there.

At the age of thirteen Jericho Balheist was slowly growing into himself, despite his horrible deformation. While unable to groom himself properly, let alone take care of himself, the boy was quickly turning into quite the man. He had the hint of becoming handsome about him and his smile seemed to light up rooms, compared to the normal fanged smiles that Balheists often have. No, instead of being a possessed monster, it appeared this boy was going to grow into a normal human being. It was believed that Lord Iggdrall’s punishment had ended the issue all together. On the night of his fourteenth birthday though, everything known about the boy was seen as one of the greatest lies ever told. Murdering his father, mother, and his three other siblings, Jericho Balheist went on a murdering spree the likes of which have never been seen. After razing his home to the ground in massive black fires, he went on to eventually brutally murder over fifty citizens of the Kingdom before finally being stopped. He laughed the entire way to the Citadel. None now know what happened behind the massive stone walls of the Citadel. No one knows who defended the boy and how he was spared death, but he was eventually returned to the Balheist family as a captive, not a member of the family. Some say he took the Repentance name as a joke, some say that he knows something others do not, but most simply use the insane Balheist as a warning that the Balheists are still tainted by their blood. It is because of this that many have jokingly started calling Jericho Balheist, the Seer, claiming that he clearly knows more than he lets on before exchanging a smile or a wink. The Seer himself though quite enjoys the name and will often whisper a fortune to anyone that seeks him out.

Jericho Balheist

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