High Lord Darius Nero Machin WrenWright

Lord of the WrenWrights, Grand Inquisitor and loving father


The Grand Inquisitor, High Lord Darius Nero Machin WrenWright, is a man of honor, valor, and kindness. While High Lord Darius is the Grand Inquisitor of the Kingdom and his primary duty is to rid the streets of the City of any non-believes, heretics, rebels, and terrorists, it is said that his heart lies and saving lives, not taking them. While it is hard to say what the High Lord Darius would look like without the hundreds of augmentations and prosthesis, old pictures and painting show him as a simple looking man with silver eyes and a gentle, worn smile. Now he looks every bit of a WrenWright lord. Every limb he has, has been replaced by a mechanical one with six extra arms being attached to his back. Each one has their own use, but all are obviously meant to be used for either saving a life or taking it. His face too is covered in augmentations, as one of his eyes, his mouth, nose, and throat all have been replaced for upgraded versions. Now the High Lord looks more machine than man, but like every WrenWright he does not miss his human parts, but instead seems to enjoy turning himself into a more pure form without demonic corruption. As for other augmentations, it is assumed he has others, but it is hard to say. Almost at all times he is seen wearing his Grand Inquisitor armor and robes, so any augmentations in his torso are impossible to see, but are assumed to be there. In fact… Its often wondered how much of the High Lord is human now…


High Lord Darius is one of the greatest WrenWrights to have ever lived. More often than not he is compared to even Jericho WrenWright himself in terms of brilliance and ingenuity. It is because of this that he has gained the respect of everyone around him, for he does not only have the mind to create and shape the world around him, but he has the greatest ability of all: Kindness. While acting as the Grand Inquisitor of Flamma Luna, controlling the the routing of anti-kingdom rebels and terrorists, High Lord Darius also is an acting physician at Flamma Luna’s largest hospital. It is obvious to all of those around him that he understands the importance of his position as Grand Inquisitor, but he much prefers working with children, healing their ailments and fixing them so they are better than ever. It is because of this attitude that his immediate family has flourished under his nurturing hands, as he has six. While a rather small family, High Lord Darius and his wife Lady Lizbeth Antoin-Machin WrenWright are loving parents and have in turn created a family that is focused on helping and healing the world around them.

Like his brother Sir Walter Kon WrenWright, High Lord Darius is known for his advancements in augments and prosthesis, but unlike his brother’s Circus Enhancements, High Lord Darius is known for perfectly recreating human form, allowing an easy transition, and non-human forms as well. He himself is equipped with four more arms attached to his back in order to help himself in more difficult surgeries, among a slue of other technological advancements he has performed on himself. As of right now, High Lord Darius and his family revel in technological advancements in the hopes of being able to cure ‘Mortality.’ While many have taken after their father as doctors and healers, others have followed him into his role as the Grand Inquisitor, using their enhancements in order to protect the city from within.

High Lord Darius Nero Machin WrenWright

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