High Lady Aanya Balheist

The Arch-Mage of Kharnull'len, and Corrupted Consort to the Queen.


Widely regarded as the most corrupted individual since Balheist Sin himself, the Arch-Mage High Lady Aanya Balheist is the very definition of the fear that the citizens of Kharnull’len have for the Balheists. Her entire body, from head to toe, appears to be covered in the mysterious ‘Prayer Wraps,’ that Balheists use to hide their demonic possessions, only adding to the general populous’ fear. The only two things that anyone can see on the Lady is one of her eyes, a deep purple, and her long black hair. Besides that no physical description can be provided besides her being of middling height and weight and that she prefers to wear simple robes while not being dressed by the Queen herself. While this certainly makes for a striking figure, it is the Lady’s control over magic that makes her that much more terrifying to behold. It seems that no magic is beyond her and that her spirit and will are limitless. The only person believed to be able to rival her in this matter would be the Queen herself or the Grand Inquisitor High Lord Darius Nero Machin WrenWright.


While not the oldest in her family, Lady Aanya has proven to be not only a great leader but one of the most powerful mages the Kingdom has ever seen. Clearly benefiting from Sin’s demonic ancestry, Lady Aanya, is covered from head to toe in Balheist Prayer wraps in order to hide her incredible demonic powers. While this does make Lady Aanya look quite a deal like a mummy, it is often seen as an overt threat to the rest of the world around her. Never before has a possession of this magnitude been seen in the Kingdom, or at least not since the first generation of Balheists. While many of the families assumed that the demonic blood present in all Balheists would eventually delude, it appears that in Lady Aanya and her immediate family all benefit from increased demonic powers and abilities. It is because of this that the Truth family has taken the control of the Balheist family, using their immense power instead of diplomacy to rule.

Unlike their ancestors though, the Truth family does not use their might to rule anyone else, only their own family. They see themselves as the public face of the Balheists and the ones that can keep their family in check instead of having to rely on the Keepers, WrenWrights, or especially the Rosenharts. As the Arch Mage, Lady Aanya has made great leaps and bounds in the regards of magic and diplomacy alike. It is said that not only will High Lord Darius Nero-Machin WrenWright will often seek her consul, but the Mountain King himself will allow her in his presence. The family as a whole is in fact quite diplomatic with the rest of the families, but are often seen as being kept at arms reach. They are all powerful mages, sorcerers, and wizards, but they are still Balheists. They do well in hiding their secrets, but it can be said that a dozen years ago the Truth family did something terrible on a dark night and that fact still haunts them today.

High Lady Aanya Balheist

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