Silent Lord of the Keepers


The oldest living Keeper, excluding Dusk and Dawn, Happiness is the eldest member of any Noble Family, including the Mountain King himself. Happiness is so old in fact, he supposedly witnessed the mass executions of the Balheists after their formation into a Noble Family when he was a child. Of course it is impossible to have the Keeper speak on the subject as he has not spoken in more than five hundred years. Whether he lost the ability for speech or has elected a vow of silence, Happiness does not speak. At all. Despite this he rules over the Keepers in place of Dusk and Dawn, unless otherwise preoccupied or displaced by the Prince and Princess. Known for his skills with a halberd, Happiness takes after his adopted father Dusk when it comes to his physical abilities. A rather simple looking man though, Happiness is a rather tall Keeper, standing around 6’9", with an impressive build as well. He has long gray hair, a stark contrast to his green and vivid eyes. Though impressive in age, Happiness appears to be in good health, but Keepers come and go without much warning, and as of late it appears his eventual death is being planned for.


Little is known about Happiness’ past, but it is known that he is one of the oldest beings in existence currently, older than any WrenWright, Balheist, and Rosenhart. His only current seniors being Dawn and the Queen herself. Because of this, Happiness garners a massive amount of respect from the other families. He is often consulted in matters of great importance as his advanced age has gifted him a nearly infinite amount of wisdom. Of coure much of this is lost due to his utter silence. Happiness does not speak. At all. Little is known why he does this, but over the seven-hundred years he has been alive, only the Royal Family has ever heard him speak, and that was when he was a child. Beyond that, Happiness appears to be a rather normal member of the Keepers, or at least as normal as they come. Rather tall, Happiness uses his immense stature to tower over his fellow Keepers, as his very presence seems to demand respect and submission. He uses this natural ability to keep the Keepers in line, as more often than not, when kept apart they grow distant and happen to forget themselves.

Known for his dueling abilities, Happiness still occasionally takes part on duels and competitions in the realm, but as of lately his participation in such matters has declined. Many say his age is finally catching up to him, but his twin sister, Sorrow, disagrees entirely, apparently the idea of her twin dying being simply unspeakable to her. In fact, it is said that the bond between the twins is so great that neither can live without each other. Happiness has little to say on the matter though. Having retired from his position as interim Judicus Eternus, between Lord Iggdrals’ and Arch-Bishop Ominus’ reigns, it appears Happiness is intent with ruling his own family and the Citadel in which they and the Royal Family lives.


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