Gemma Balheist

Dead Daughter of the Law Family, Possessing her Sister


Sixth child of the Law Balheist line, second daughter of the Arch Bishop, Lord Omini Balheist and Lady Cassandra Von Balheist, Gemma Balheist was nearly the perfect child to the couple. Gemma excelled immediately in her youth in the arcane arts, seemingly following the same path of power that the High Lady Aanya Balheist had in her youth. All of her demonic corruptions seemed to benefit her in the best of ways, and she seemed poised to do great things with her life. Unfortunately Gemma did not live to see her twenty-first year. Dying of strange illness that no Balheist, WrenWright, or Keeper could cure, Gemma died in the middle of the night, staring into the full moon. Gemma was buried shortly thereafter in a small funeral. Only the Law and Truth Balheist family’s attended, Dawn and the Queen sending flowers for the child. Things did not end there though for Gemma Balheist, far from it. In the months to follow her death, servants in the Law mansion often spoke of seeing strange things in the halls of the mansion, especially around Gemma’s room. They saw flickers of eyes, a far off cry for help, and felt the frigid cold of a lost soul wherever they went. It was considered for a time to bring in a Rosenhart Priest to exorcise the spirit, but before they had the chance. Gemma revealed herself to her family, a spirit brought back the grave… She was not a kind spirit though. Filled with fits of violent rage, Gemma fed off of her family’s misery, especially her younger sister’s Sumarie who had loved her dearly and before the clerics and priest of the Kingdom had a chance to banish her spirit, she latched onto Sumarie, possessing her nearly entirely.

Now, Gemma ‘lives’ alongside Sumarie, a shadow of hate and evil constantly following her around, warding off any touch and any love from her. She appears as a phantom, always watching over her sister as if she was her only protector, but the Law family knew better than to trust her. While Gemma possesses her, Sumarie grows more and more weak, and before long Lord Omini believes Gemma will kill her and take her place in this world.


See: Sumarie Balheist for information.

Gemma Balheist

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