Cara Len Balheist

Wife of Magus Geminus Balheist and Mother of the Geminus Children.


A librarian in service to the Royal Archives, Cara Len Balheist was once a member of a lesser house of Balheists, but has since married into the Law family via Geminus Balheist with whom she has two daughters. A soft spoken woman with little demonic heritage on the outside, Cara Len has made herself into the perfect companion for the Magus Geminus Balheist. As he drifted away from the Church and his father, the Arch Bishop Omini Balheist, Geminus found himself with less and less support from within his family, but found a willing companion in Cara Len. She was there to comfort him and guide him when she could. She showed him the archives and helped him advance his studies. As Geminus was elevated to the rank of a Magus, he married Cara Len, citing her for his rise to power as he needed her patience and kindness. Cara Len is the quintessential librarian, often seen in the robes of the archives, with her brown hair up and tidy. Though she shows little demonic heritage, it appears she may have more than she lets on as her daughters are already showing high levels of corruption within them. She is sure though, beneath her strict parenting and kindness, her daughters will grow into powerful, loyal members of Kharnull’len.


Cara Len grew up within the lesser houses of the Balheists. Cara Len’s parents were in direct service to the High Lady Aanya Balheist during her studies in the Archives and were rewarded for their help by the High Lady when she came into power. While she could not raise the weak family to a Noble House, she was able to grant them the power and money to grant Cara Len and her family a prosperous life. Cara Len had many opportunities because of this, but elected to serve in the archives like her parents did. As things had it though, she met Geminus Balheist while serving there and after helping him, the two fell in love and started their lives together.

Cara Len Balheist

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