Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright

The Fiery Mistress of the Cannons and Walls


Stern and blunt are the two most frequently used words used when describing the Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright and they are certainly not wrong. The Cannoness is known for her upfront attitude and desire to be perfect in all things she deems worthy of her time and energy. Because of this she has excelled in almost everything she has taken on and is quite the daring fighter because of it. She carries a massive rifle with her at all times, her hands and arms augmented to control the unwieldy thing, and has been known to use it whenever she even felt mildly annoyed, because of this it is often referred to as being ‘Ever Smoking.’ A crack shot with some magical abilities to boot, she is considered to be very dangerous, and is more than welcome to defend the walls of Kharnull’len. Beyond her arms and hands, it appears the Cannoness has very few other augments, though it is believed she has worked on her eyes. She wears her uniform at all times when she is in public, and keeps her dark hair up in a tidy bun. Taller than average with a fit body, the Cannoness is oddly enough quite beautiful, but it appears she has no interest in any suitors even after her husbands death.


The Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright is the youngest of the three WrenWright heirs and is the youngest family head accordingly, but she has not the let the disadvantage of age slow her on her path to creating a grand family and an even grander name. A perfect gentlewoman the Cannoness is one for perfect manners, perfect poise, and perfect aim. She considers anything less than perfect, both in social and physical endeavors, as an insult of the highest degree, resulting in not only an uptight demeanor for herself, but her family as well. It is due to this rather odd quirk though, that the Cannoness has become the perfect soldier for the Kingdom’s Armies, specifically the Wall Guard. Given the complete control over the massive walls that surround the Kingdom, the Cannoness is in charge of not only the defense of the Kingdom as a whole, but parts of the trade and commerce of the Kingdom as well. Overseeing all trade the goes outside the City walls, the Cannoness also protects from outside influences, illegal immigrants, and rebel fighters entering the City. Many would assume the Cannoness would use this supervisor role to her economic advantage, but it appears that the Cannoness has taken an approach that even the current Judicus Eternus would be proud of.

While most families spend their time in their elaborate mansions and halls, the Vilaratus has taken a different approach to their housing and have somewhat isolated themselves from the rest of the Noble Houses. The Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright supposedly laughed at the idea of living in a mansion and has instead constructed a home above the massive Northern Gates, placing herself directly over the main entrance to the Kingdom. Because of this, while her rule over the Walls is absolute, the Vilaratus family is rarely seen anywhere else besides the wall. Isolating themselves so perfectly, the Vilaratus family has little opinion on the rest of the Noble Families, let alone their cousins in the WrenWright family. Also because of their isolation, the Vilaratus family does not share in the same mechanical advantages other WrenWright family’s do. That is not to say though that the Cannoness has not perfected some of her own advancements, but almost all result in physical advantages for killing more perfectly, and not benefiting society as a whole.

Cannoness Vivian Von Vilaratus WrenWright

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