Bishop Orion Balheist

Eldest son of Law, Bishop of the Queen


The Bishop Orion Balheist is the eldest son of the Law Balheist line, son of the Arch Bishop, Lord Omini Balheist and Lady Cassandra Von Balheist, and the successor of the Law line. A true believer in the ways of Law, Bishop Orion follows his father’s footsteps closely, first following in the ways of the priest, becoming a cleric of the Queen, but soon after joining his father in the Courts as a vicious lawyer and is rumored to soon be a Judge himself. Due to his Balheist lineage, Bishop Orion looks like the Devil his father is rumored to be. A large set of ram’s horns grow from his head, and he wears a clean cut white beard, making him look nearly as imposing as his father. A new trait has manifested in Orion though, as his skin has turned entirely black, obsidian in color and strength as his skin is now a natural armor. Though terrifying to behold he has married to Nissa Ol Balheist, supposedly a removed descendant of the Balheist family, and has had several children with her, who are doted over by their grandmother, Lady Cassandra Von Balheist. A perfect older brother to his siblings, he often tries to guide over his brothers and sisters in the hopes that they too, will find a life of Law.


Raised by the iron hand of his father, and the wild touch of his mother, Bishop Orion Balheist is the son expected from the Law Balheist family. Born of the Balheist line and the Easter Kingdoms, it was expected that Orion Balheist would in fact has lessened demonic powers due to his mixed blood, but even at an early age he was seen as a highly possessed individual, but one that was already in check as he was entirely devoted to his family’s Penance and his father’s creed. Raised within the Church, Orion was a devoted student of the Queen’s Word. He listened to every sermon, read every holy book, and prayed that he would be able to serve the Queen in some way when he was older. His devotion took him far as he was quickly accepted as a cleric by the Church, following very closely in his father’s footsteps. Once within the Church he learned quickly and harnessed his divine gifts. He spent little time with his family then, often blaming his lack of brotherly guidance for Geminus’ desire to learn foul arcane magic from the Truth Family. Orion soon completed his training and was brought on as a full brother of the Church, where he once again deemed it necessary to take after his father once more.

Joining a prestigious school, Orion learned the ways of Kharnull’len’s Laws, committing each one to memory. He saw the Law as a holy thing, almost holding it in the same regard as he held the Queen. The Law was black and white, it was simple, and yet elegant because of this. There was no gray, and when he started his new position as a lawyer he attacked every case like this. Specializing in putting heretics and blasphemers to the sword, Orion soon garnered a chilling reputation as his skin turned black. The Black Priest was nearing unheard levels of commitment to the Church, the Law, and his family when he met his wife Nissa Ol Balheist. Marrying quickly he raised a family as judicious as himself, as both of his children are already spending a majority of their time within the Church. Now viewed in the same light as his father, Orion was quickly elevated to the rank of Bishop within the Church, but now acts as the Arch Bishop of the Church until a replacement can be found for his father as his time as consumed with his new position as the Judicus Eternus.

Bishop Orion Balheist

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