Welcome to The Eternal Kingdom of Kharnull’len.

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Eternal Flame and the Rising Moon. Both the Queen and King welcome you with open arms as their children, but all is not right in the Eternal Kingdom. As the King sleeps the beloved Queen rules alone and the darkness beneath the city of Kharnull’len begins to stir once more.

The Eternal Kingdom Campaign will be a once every few months in person campaign that takes place in the strange world of Mornal, and more specifically the capital city of the Eternal Kingdom; Kharnull’len.

Players will be fit into a Noble House of this famous city, where they will learn from their family, their rivals, and their enemies alike.

The Cast so Far -

GermanZombie as Sabir Faruc Balheist the scholarly rogue on the hunt for knowledge, wisdom, and debts.

Remnant as Tornaw Draxx Balheist the faith and justice fueled priest of the Queen’s Order who seeks to show the world the righteousness of the Balheists.

With more to come!

The death of a Patriarch. Heretics in the streets. Whispers of Old Enemies. The Noble Families gather together in an attempt to not only bring peace to Kharnull’len, but to bring peace to themselves.

The Eternal Kingdom

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